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11 Questions To Ask When Planning A Hen Party


Planning a hen party can be difficult with many questions to take into consideration! From who to invite to the budget, it is fair to say organising a party is not a walk in the park! Be sure to ask as many valuable questions as you can to ensure your bestie has the most amazing send-off before she ties the knot!

We cover 11 questions that you may consider asking before planning a hen party planning:

Does the bride-to-be want to be part of the planning?

All brides are different, some like to be kept informed with the celebrations whilst others prefer it to be a real surprise! Although you may think you know your bestie rather well, always make sure to ask if she wants to be part of the planning to ensure she is content and has no nasty surprises!

Who should we invite?

From mother of the groom to grandmother of the bride, old friends to new friends, invites are undoubtedly of one of the toughest aspects when organising the celebrations! You may decide to clear it with the bride-to-be herself or make a list to ensure everyone is satisfied or no one important is accidentally left out!

What is the budget?

It is always important to have a budget when it comes to party planning! It goes without saying that some celebrations can be rather expensive so it is ideal to sit down and thoroughly decide on a budget with the girls! This way all the ladies are content and not left feeling uncomfortable about spending too much!

When is the hen party?

Be sure to choose a date when all the ladies are free, especially the bride-to-be! Whether you are opting for a summer hen party or a winter one, make sure to run it past everyone to make sure all the bride-to-be’s nearest and dearest are available for the special day!

Is the party abroad or closer to home?

If you are deciding to go the extra mile, then a party abroad to sure to please including Paris, Budapest and Amsterdam to name but a few! However, there are indeed many reasons as to why a party closer to home might be the more ideal choice including older hens or budget! Be sure to clarify with each lady individually to ensure there are no unhappy hens!

Will there be activities?

Activities are a great way to kickstart the celebrations and have all the ladies in high spirits so should definitely be taken into consideration! If you are deciding to organise an activity, make sure to opt for something that will suit all the ladies, from afternoon tea to a relaxing spa day!

Is there going to be a theme?

Another question you may decide to ask may be regarding a theme! They are indeed a fun aspect to the celebrations and can indeed mark the occasion in style! Be sure to do your homework and find the most stylish theme if you and the ladies are up for this idea! However, not all the hens may be up for a theme so it is important to value everyone’s opinion before making any major plans!

Should the party plans be kept a secret?

All girls are different, some like surprises some don’t, but it is your role to ask the questions and do the research! Whether it may be a secret from just the bride-to-be or the whole crew, make sure you are confident with your decision to ensure there are no mishaps!

Are we paying for the bride-to-be?

Whether you are deciding to pay for the bride-to-be or not, it is always vital to ask all the ladies to gather their opinions! If you are planning to make the day extra special, you and the girls may be up for paying! However, with budget or for other reasons, it may not be feasible!

What gifts will we buy?

Be sure to do your research and ask all the ladies what they are into, from favourite colour to favourite drink, must have accessory to must have handbag essential! These types of questions definitely take the stress off when planning the gifts and you are sure to get a clear image of what each girlie is into!

Is there going to be a second hen party organised?

It is always important to ask the question, is there going to be a second party organised? You may decide to arrange more relaxed and sophisticated day with the older hens including the mothers, aunts and grandmothers and a more exhilarating and lively day with the besties! Always make sure to ask the question and find out what everyone else is thinking to ensure the day is a success!

So there you have it ladies, 11 questions to ask when planning a hen party! Be inspired and ensure the celebrations go according to plan with these valuable questions!

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