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10 Unofficial Wedding Day Tips for the Maid of Honour


Yes, D-Day has finally arrived - your bestie is about to tie the knot and the excitement is surreal! She popped the big question months ago and asked you to be her main lady.

Loyal, enthusiastic and ridiculously reliable - you were the obvious choice.

Freaking out about your tasks and duties on the impending big day? Our friends over at WeddingDates.ie share 10 unofficial wedding day responsibilities EVERY Maid of Honour needs to know…

Lead the Bridesmaid Pack

Not everyone will be bright-eyed and bushy tailed when your alarm clock goes off at 6.30am.

It’s your job to get everyone up and moving on time to that all-important schedule. Military precision planning is crucial in directing everyone to their places.

Keep Unnecessary Drama at Bay

At all times, we repeat at ALL TIMES, strive to keep drama away from the happy couple.

Whether it’s another bridesmaid moaning about not liking her dress or the mother-of-the-groom pointing out flaws at the reception, navigate all negativity in the opposite direction. If this means having a quiet word with the perpetrators, then by all means be firm and tell them to zip it.

The newlyweds should enjoy a bubble of happiness throughout the day and be unaware of any tense situations.

Manage Last Minute Wedding Supplier Duties

This will include acting as an emergency point of contact on the morning of the big day. If any suppliers are running late or need directions to the bride’s home, you’re their go-to woman.

It’s also wise to discuss with the bride any details of final payments and tips that need to be made to wedding suppliers. Ask her to leave clearly labelled envelopes in a safe place the night before, and you can pay these on her behalf the following day.

Remain Calm at All Times

Even when there’s a hint of bridezilla attitude seeping out of your best friend and when one of the other bridesmaids sneakily switches your blossoming bouquet with her pathetic weedier bunch, take a deep breath and think of the greater cause.

It. Is. Only. One. Day.

Be the Ultimate Hostess

Mrs Doyle ain’t got nothing on you.

You’ll be flying around the house on the morning of the wedding making sure everyone is okay. The make-up artist, photographer and any relatives need to be topped up with tea, champagne toasts must be had with the girls and the bride-to-be will need help getting ready.

Offer A Few Words of Wisdom

The bride-to-be will more than likely be super nervous ahead of her journey to the church. It is her wedding day after all! As right-hand woman, it’s your duty to provide some words of advice and a few motivational quotes.

Don’t forget to make her eat something small, even if she is feeling nauseous with butterflies. Collapsing from hunger at the altar would be a major disaster!

Break the Ice

It can be daunting if you have not met the Best Man before.

You’re just on first name terms, and now you’ve gotta slow dance and the wedding photographer is practically marrying you off during the photo shoot. Totes awk.

Laughter really is the best medicine in this case. Some traditional Irish banter will get you through the day it!

Breaking the ice is essential – and that applies to filling the dance floor at the reception too. Act as back-up for your bride and get the whole squad busting a move to get that party started!

Double Up As Security

Unofficial minder is also lumbered under the Maid of Honour title.

Look after the bride’s handbag, personal belongings and emergency kit throughout the day. Many guests will see you as the couple’s point of contact for wedding gifts. Have a chat with the venue’s Wedding Coordinator to organise a safe place to store cards and presents until the celebrations are over.

Be Quick On Your Feet

You’ll need to be quick-thinking, nimble and have stellar attention to detail. Your day will be spent predicting the bride’s every move to assist her in every way possible.

This will mostly involve crouching precariously while fixing her veil and lifting her dress - getting out of the car, getting in to the car, sitting at the altar, standing at the altar and posing for photos! Perks of the job and all that…

Don’t Forget To Smile!!

It’s a tough job, but this is the most important day of your pal’s life, and no doubt you will be glowing with happiness for her.

Let your dazzling smile shine through in those wedding photos. Even if it does kill your cheeks and you look a little crazy manically grinning all day long!

So there you have it ladies, 10 amazing tips from WeddingDates.ie to ensure your besties big day is a roaring success! 

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