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Tropical Hen Party Ideas


Tropical and Hawaiian hen parties have always been highly popular! With Spring/Summer just around the corner, why not get creative and invite a few of the girls round to mix fruity cocktails, dust off your Hawaiian shirt or grass skirt, play some summer songs and imagine you are far, far away in an exotic paradise! Sound good?Here are some ideas to get you started!

Hen Party Tropical Outfit

If you’re planning on heading out, you’ll still want to look cute! Give the bride a pretty flower piece for her hair. Of course, if you really want to dress up, there will be lots of bold floral prints hitting the shops come the summer time. When it comes to this theme the brighter, bolder and more outrageous the better! Try out some accessories with some plastic colourful jewellery and a floral head band!

Tropical Hen Party Decorations

The décor is the biggest part of this theme and something you can really have fun with! Focus on bright, tropical colours such as greens, pinks, oranges and yellows. Prints are a big part of the look so look for large floral and leaf prints. Of course, we don’t all have access to a tiki bar, but you can add touches of the tropics to whichever space you use by including elements like fruit, bright, lush flowers, and palm leaves. Check out this fantastic website for all your tropical, tiki props from plastic coconuts to inflatable pink flamingos HERE

Hen Party Refreshments

Cocktails! This is the perfect time to have some fun making tiki classics like a Blue Hawaii or a Mai Tai.  Serve out of hollow pineapples for a real island vibe, or just buy a lots of cocktail mixers and umbrellas if that all sounds like too much work. Let’s be honest, it isn’t every day you get to have so much fun accessorising your drinks! Follow the link below for some truly tropical cocktail recipes!

See > thekitchn.com

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this week’s post and that it has brought the summer and sunshine a little bit closer for you, it certainly has for me!

Ciara x

Image Credits: Esty | SouthBoundBrides

Ciara McKevitt

Ciara Mckevitt is an event stylist! She loves nothing more than socialising with her girlies over a cocktail and keeping up to date with the latest fashion trends!

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