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Hen Party Sweet Treats


Fancy yourself as the next Mary Berry? Or simply want to treat you and your hens and have fun at the same time? Then why not bake up a batch of sweet and scrumptious treats for your hen party! You could get cooking in preparation for your hen do if you want a delicious spread on a budget, or get your girls together for a fun day of baking and banter! These adorable and appetizing treats will not only look great, but taste great too!

Pink Macaroons

These gorgeous French cookies will certainly put your baking skills to test, but the stunning outcome will definitely be worth the effort! These round almond biscuits look pretty as a picture, and filled with chocolate buttercream, they taste just as good as they look. You can add a pinch of red food colouring to create pretty pink cookies, or any other colour you wish. Click HERE for the Full Recipe!

Marshmallow Brownies

Adding marshmallows brings a little something different to this classic traybake, making for sweet and sticky chocolatey goodness! You can use heart shaped cookie cutters to make these treats even more adorable. If you’re a hen or bride to be who’s a chocolate addict, these are a must have for your day! Click HERE for the Full Recipe!

Raspberry and Cream Cupcakes

Raspberry and Cream cupcakes are a match made in heaven, and you and your hens are bound to have a ball whipping them up! Placing raspberries into the sponge mix will create a tasty and textured cupcake that your hens won’t be able to resist. These treats aren’t only delicious, but once again adorable with pretty pink icing! Why not get creative and have a little fun decorating your cupcakes with icing, sprinkles and decorations? Click HERE for the Full Recipe!

Strawberry Milkshake

You and your hens will need something just as tasty to wash down all of your delicious snacks. Why not go all out with strawberry milkshakes? You can even top them with cute straws or paper umbrellas! Simply mix some strawberries, ice cream and milk in a food processors to create a refreshing and mouth-watering drink! Click HERE for the Full Recipe!

So there you have it girls, baking is not only a great budget activity to have a laugh with your hens over, it’s also a great way to treat yourselves! Why not indulge and spoil you and your girls? (You can always start your diet on Monday!)

Image Credits: One Green Planet | Good To Know

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