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Denim Hen Party Fashion


Denim is one of, if not the most, important basic staples in our wardrobes. However, when it comes to dressing up for a big event it often takes a back seat, being seen as too casual. But there are many great ways to style your different denims to make them into a killer outfit, perfect for a hen party and still leaving you feeling glamorously dressed.

River Island

Skinny jeans have become the denim wardrobe go-to and can be worn with everything and anything - which may be why they get over looked at hen parties in favour or something a little bit different. But being so versatile mean you can do so much with them to make them glam for your occasion. Swap the recent trend of ripped knees for raw hemlines, like this River Island pair, making your jean unusual and more interesting than a plain skinny jean, with more of an edge. Vamp them up with dark plums and black leather for a night time hen party look, or contrast them with soft lace and frills in pastel colours for a fun look of opposites.


Flares have always been linked with the 70s but they can still be worn now in a more grown up, elegant way. This pair of bell flares from ASOS comes in an inky black that automatically gives them a sophisticated look. Their high rise waist allows them to be worn with crop tops, such as the model is wearing above. Add texture through lace, velvet or sequins to amplify the retro disco look for a fabulously fun hen night out look. Keep the look all black to remain chic, or add a pop of colour through coloured shoes. Always wear high heels to avoid losing height with the width of the flare and make sure you’re looking your best.



For the ultimate boyfriend jeans look no further than Levi’s jeans. Their 501 jeans, above in Moon Shadows, is the iconic straight fit, giving a slimmer boyfriend shape than others on the high street, so whilst they have a casual feel, their more tailored look is perfect for a hen occasion. Turn them up at the hem and team with high court shoes – dainty shoes and a flash of ankle will make the jeans look more dressed. Wear a form fitting top to balance out the more fluid silhouette of the jean and don’t be afraid to add lots of embellished jewellery to add sparkle to the look in a cool contrast with the casual denim. Pair a pale grey pair with pastel blues or pink for a denim look worthy of a refined afternoon hen party too.

Urban Outfitters

White denim is always incredibly crisp and vibrant, and can give the impression of being more sophisticated than the usual blue denim. In the summer try throwing this white denim jacket from Urban Outfitters over your shoulders, pairing it with a lace or floral dress to add a more casual edge if you don’t want to be too overdressed. Or your could even work the double denim look and go all white with a pair of matching white jeans. Keep the look muted and pair with charcoal greys and blacks for a monochrome look or with nude heels and a dusky pink or lilac top for a sugary sweet style. Add shinning gold or silver jewellery to stand out against the white.

It’s time to forget the perception that jeans are not dressy enough for hen parties and special occasions – denim can be amazingly edgy or irresistibly chic and with so many options out there you’re spoilt for choice! As Yves Saint Laurent said, jeans have “expression, modesty, sex appeal and simplicity” – what’s not to like?

Image Credits: River Island | ASOS | Levi | UrbanOutfitters

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