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Hen Party Zoo

Choose to have a truly interesting experience on your hen party by exploring amazing wildlife with your girls by visiting a Hen Party Zoo or Wildlife Park! Learn amazing facts about the unique animals on show, including their scientific name, origin, habitat, diet and status in the wild. You can assertain whether the animals you are seeing are an endangered species, in order to understand how the zoo is helping to preserve their population.

Enjoy a relaxing stroll across the various enclosures, noting the various habitats and surroundings intended to mimic the animals real-life origins. See the work that the zookeepers put in in order to give the animals a base quality of life, through feeding times which utilise the animals strengths in order to help them feel like they are in the wild.

Many zoos today have 'adult only evenings' at desinated days, meaning that you and your girls can enjoy proceedings unencumbered by children running around. Some Zoos will let you interact with some of the more docile animals, helping the zookeepers during meal times. What's more, watch out for cheeky monkeys, a lot of zoos allow them to leave their enclosures and walk amongst the people!

So with learning a fun to be had, a trip to the zoo on your hen party could be what makes it stand out form the rest! Add a bit of variety to your weekend by having a relaxing excursion into the wild by visiting a Hen Party Zoo or Wildlife Park! 



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