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Hen Party Wine Glasses

Most girls love enjoying a glass or two of wine! With this in mind have you ever thought how important wine glasses could for your hen party? HenorStag.com uncover some fab wine glass ideas for hen parties!

The World of Wine Glasses

Hen Party Wineglasses

No hen weekend would be the same without a few cheeky glasses of red or white wine! Hen party wine glasses can come in all shapes and sizes and we'd recommend investing in some shiny new ones for the hen weekend!


Choose from wine glasses with hand painted names to wine glasses with naughty expressions! There is such a variety of wine glasses on the market in a range of tinted colours and patterns (striped, spotty, sparkly) that you will literally be spoilt for choice! The latest wine glass trend is to have no stem. How unusual? But wait, stemless glasses are best for red wine drinkers as fingertips will only end up warming the glass!

Teacup Wine Glasses

Love to drink tea? Love the vintage era? Check! Then you'll absolutely love having vintage teacup wine glasses at your hen party! Yes ladies, old world meets new world! The wine glass stem is modern while the flute is replaced with a vintage tea cup! How cute?!

Creative hen parties can even make their own DIY Teacup wineglasses! Here's how:

1) Purchase a glass cutter from your local DIY shop. Use the glass cutter to score the stem of your chosen wine glass (i.e. at the very top of the stem).
2) Once scored, simply snap the stem by tapping the wine glass against the kitchen sink.
3) Get your favourite vintage tea cup and using Super Glue bond the stem of the glass to the bottom of your teacup.
4) Hold the teacup and stem in place until the Super Glue adhesive has set.
5) Wash the new teacup wineglass!
6) Pour a glass of wine and enjoy!

Image: CountryLiving.com

(Please be very careful not to cut or wound yourself. We recommend you wear safety gloves at all times).

So there you have it ladies some great ideas to get the hen party "flowing" in style with themed wine glasses! 

Wine Glass Gift Idea

Making sure a hen night is a lasting and memorable occasion for the lucky bride-to-be, is the aim of all matrons of honour... but how about clubbing together with your hens to buy the beautiful bride-to-be a gift, her and her future husband can cherish forever, like these cute wine or champagne glasses?

Bubbles would taste incredible in these themed flutes! They get the big thumbs up!



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