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Hen Party Ideas

Fantastic hen party ideas to suit all types of hen parties! Choose from hen night movies to hen party games or hen night dares. Sing to our selection of hen party songs or get all dressed up with a fun hen party theme! Hen party ideas to get the party started!

Looking for a hen party idea for your hen night? Then look no further than HenorStag.com. A wide variety of hen party ideas are available for you to choose from such as free hen party games, hen night dares, hen party karaoke songs and even the latest hot gossip on how celebrities celebrate their hen parties!

Hen Party Games

Hen party games can occur before the whole hen group heads out or even at the first few nightclubs, the choice is entirely yours! Hen party games are incredibly popular amongst hen parties, especially those that involve drink - they are the ones often welcomed with open arms by the hen parties themselves! But just remember never drink too much too soon and always make sure that you consume alcohol responsibly. Choose from a wide range of hen party games to help get the celebrations underway, from Pass The Parcel to Pop The Question, Kings to Hats Off! Hen party games can be a lot of fun, even more so if you include dares, forfeits and prizes!

Hen Party Themes

Hen party themes are a great way to kickstart the celebrations in style and perfect for both friends old and new! Be sure to do your homework and find the most suitable hen party theme that all your fussy ladies approve of! You are sure to be spoilt for choice when searching for your ideal hen party theme, from Bollywood to Cheerleaders, Moulin Rouge to Seventies and many more! Remember ladies, make sure your hen party theme fits in well with your hen party activity! If you are opting for an afternoon tea hen party with your ladies, be sure to check out our very own Vintage Hen Party Theme or Flapper Hen Party Theme, be inspired!

Hen Party Songs

Hen party songs are a superb way to let the ladies unwind and they sing their heart out to some of their favourite tunes! It is of course the perfect ice breaker and a great way to get the ladies in the hen party spirit! For your hen party playlist be sure to include classics as well as fresh of the chart tunes! Don't worry ladies if you are tone dear, hen party songs are all about a laugh and should not be taken seriously! Let your hair down for a day with great songs and better company!

Hen Party Films

If you are opting for a hen night in that consists of slippers and popcorn, then hen party films are sure to impress! If you have a movie marathon on the cards or are just hoping for movie inspirations, then be spoilt for choice with our super cool ideas! You may decide to opt for an old but gold film including Clueless or a more recent one such as Bridesmaids! Whatever you choose, be sure that all the hens approve to guaranteed an unforgettable hen party night in!

Hen Party Dares

Hen party dares are sure to please all those mischevious ladies in the group, they can be as naughty or as funny as you want them to be! They also act as the perfect icebreaker and are perfect for both friends old and new to get involved! For ideas and inspiration, we have provided you with our very own hen party dares to help get all the ladies laughing out loud! From drinking hen party dares to group hen party dares, we are sure you will be pleased, check them out! 

Hen Party Cocktails

Why not shake things up with hen party cocktails? With a cocktail glass in hand and great company, your hen party celebrations will be a roaring success! We are aware that every hen is different which is why we made a list of various unique hen party cocktails, from Cherry Beer Margaritas to Coconut Orange Daquiri and more! Be also sure to check out the Creamy Hot Buttered Rum recipe to help warm your hens tummys in the cold winter months! Cocktails never looked so tempting!

Vintage Hen Party

For the ladies that want to look super classy and glamorous for the day, a vintage hen party is sure to do the trick! With a vintage hen party comes so much preparation and small details inbetween so it is important to do your research and find out what is needed! Be sure to check out our vintage hen party ideas including Vintage fancy dress, cupcakes, tea parties and hairstyles! Be inspired and pull off the best vintage hen party for all the elegent ladies to enjoy!

Hen Party Hangover Cure

This section is dedicated to the hens partying until the little hours and are feeling a quite fragile the next day! We at HenorStag.com have brought together a range of hen party hangover cures to help you make the most of the Bride-to-be's special day! From ginger tea to wheatgrass, there is something to suit all the ladies, even the fussiest of hens! We also provide simple yet effective hen party hangover cures, from the toast hangover cure to the coffee hangover cure!

Mr & Mrs Questions

See how well the Bride-to-be knows the love of her life with a series of super random and humorous questions, they can be as naughty or as sweet as you want them to be! Be sure to check out our specially made list of Mr & Mrs Questions to help make the hen party more interesting! We have went the extra mile with our unique questions including the groom's childhood, dating questions, wedding questions and more! Your bride-to-be really is in for a surprise! 


For hen party celebrations like no other be sure to check out our Inpsiration section with is full of unique and stylosh ideas to suit the whole hen party crew! From hen party hairstyles to hen party wine glass tags, the celebrations are sure to impress all the ladies! For further inpsiration be sure to opt for our photo booth hen party ideas and hangbag essentials, they will not disappoint!