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Hen Party Idea From Blogger Thaila Skye

Thaila Skye is a fantastic blogger. Thalia has wrote a blog all about her hen party. It's a great idea that involves all the hens, they will all take away great memories and keepsakes. 

When I got engaged, one of the things I knew I’d have to tackle sooner or later was the hen party.

Being in my late twenties, I had grown up a little and had gotten bored of just going out and getting drunk. Besides, that’s something you could do any night – this was a special occasion, so I wanted it to be something different!

I started looking on Google for ‘interesting hen party ideas’. Lots of suggestions came up, but the one that caught my eye was a photoshoot. There were lots of different styles, like glamour/lingerie or photobooth, but most of them were more individual ones – I wanted one where all my hens could join in too!

And then, I found THE ONE.

Rockabetty Studios – a mobile pin-up photo studio, where you get makeovers to look like 1950s pin-up girls, right in your very own home! The website had loads of different packages, but the one that I opted for was the 3 Ps Panoramic Pin Up Party that was designed for hen parties. The thing that I loved the most about it all was that we didn’t have to travel anywhere – they would come to us!

In August, I emailed Lex, the photographer and founder of Rockabetty Studios, and enquired as to their availability for 7 hens around the beginning of September, and whether they’d be able to travel to my chosen location (my Mum’s house). It was short notice, but Lex said she’d be able to squeeze us in! She was so lovely and she instantly put me at ease, explaining everything really well and sending over all the information packs. After reading everything and talking it through with my Mum and maid of honour, we decided to go ahead and book!

Leading up to the day, Lex asked for the dress sizes & shoe sizes for all the girls, so she knew which collection of clothes & accessories to bring with her. She also sent some great tips to get in the spirit and to make us all feel less nervous, as none of us had done a photoshoot before!

 Finally, the day arrived!

They arrived at midday, so all the hens were able to have a couple of drinks and a bite to eat before it all started. It was Lex herself as the photographer, and Dee was her make-up artist for the day. They were so friendly and were able to set up the studio in my Mum’s living room, with the make-up station in the dining room, and all the clothes in the conservatory! All the makeovers were victory rolls and 1950’s style eyeliner and red lips, and the clothes were all gorgeous! We all certainly felt beautiful and glamorous, and even the nervous ones of the group were able to let loose and strut their stuff!

Each of us had two sets of photos taken, which meant we got to choose two outfits each. I opted for a blue halterneck swing dress and a vintage-style bathing suit. We got to choose some props to hold, and then Lex talked us through some classic pin-up poses! She was fantastic at giving direction, was very patient, and worked her magic at making us look beautiful!

After we’d all had our makeovers and photoshoots, Lex packed away her box of magic tricks all into the back of her car (I have no idea how she managed to fit everything in the car as there were so many things!) and she said she had some much fun, as did we!

Seeing the final result!

Over the next few weeks, Lex kept me updated with the progress of the final selection and editing of the photos. It was so exciting, and we couldn’t wait to see them! When we saw the final photos, we were all amazed at how we all looked! The editing was perfect, and it really was the cherry on the cake, because the day itself was just perfect – even better than I could have wished for!
It was certainly a memorable day, and the best thing is that we all have a memento of the day to keep forever! If you’re like me and wanted something a bit different, I highly recommend checking out Rockabetty Studios, because you will feel beautiful, glamorous, and you’ll have such a fun day!

I managed to capture a video of it here:
VIDEO: www.youtube.com/watch?v=twSAJ7y0oeM

And here are some of the final photos!

Me calling Chris ;), my mum and mother-in-law.

My bridesmaid; Heather, cousin; Laura and school friend; Anneka.

My favourite picture and me with my mum. 
 Rockabetty Links:

Web: www.rockabettystudios.com
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Instagram: www.instagram.com/RockabettyStudios 


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