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Hen Party Ibiza

Going to a hen party in Ibiza this year? Ibiza has its own world of fashion, so here are the perfect outfits, accessories and makeup for a hen party in Ibiza. 

Hen Party Ibiza

Ibiza Rocks

Ibiza or the "White Isle" as it is known is the World's mecca for the fun loving party goers. With its 24 hour party scene and miles of sandy beaches, it makes the perfect destination for an unforgettable Ibiza hen weekend.

If a long weekend in Ibiza is not within the budget in the time leading up to your wedding then hold your own Ibiza club night, dress the part and make believe that you are living it up on the party island.

Ibiza Fashion

As we all know Ibiza goers are known for their laid back, colourful fashion choices, so it is important that you get the look just right. As the weather is starting to get a little better and will hopefully continue to, I don’t see why we wouldn’t get away with it here.

Gold woven wedge £29.99 available from New look. Black African print runner shorts £14.99 available from New look. I have recently bought these shorts for myself as I absolutely loved the print and thought they could either be dressed up or down for a great day to night look.



A big part of your Ibiza outfit should be your accessories. Big bohemian style statement pieces are a must when try to recreate this look.

Ibiza Makeup


When we are on holiday we tend not to wear as much makeup because we don’t need it with the healthy glow we get from being in the sun. For this look keep it light and sun kissed with a pop of colour, either on the lips or the eye, you know the rule-one or the other but not both!!

Recently I switched my bronzer to this new bronzer by Bourjous as I found my old one was too matt and left my face looking dull. I have to say I really like it, it has a slight shimmer in it but not too much and it gives my face a healthier, sun kissed glow like I wanted. It is £8.99, available at most pharmacies, and it is well worth a try.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this blog and that it has given you ideas or at least made you look forward to the warm summer days ahead. There are many fab summer pieces out there on the high street at the minute, and many ways you can achieve your perfect Ibiza look. I have just shown you a few key items, and to me they make an Ibiza inspired outfit, the rest is totally up to you.

Until next Week ladies,

Happy planning!


Ciara x

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