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Hen Night Guest Books

Stacey's Wedding Boutique is back by popular demand! This week, we take a look at creating your own hand decorated hen party guest books! Create a hen party keepsake with lasting momento of that special weekend. All you have to do is follow Stacey's straight forward instructions! Simples.

We all like to record our special occasions with photos and many of us like to have a guest book so we can look at it in the future and remember the special people who shared our special moments. 

The traditional guest book will often be put into a drawer or a wardrobe and forgotten about. Many brides also choose wishing well’s for something different, which are popular but again after the occasion it all gets forgotten about.

I am currently in on dated with requests from brides asking for an alternative guest book that makes it fun to make your mark and something that the bride can frame and display after the occasion - so today I am going to share a great solution for an alternative ‘guestbook’ for your hen party.


Instead of writing in a guest book, your friends can stamp their mark on a guest board with lipstick kisses with their signatures and a good luck message! It’s a really cute idea of getting your girls involved on your hen night - all you will need is some willing friends and lots of lipstick! Not only that, but you can make the board yourself and at relatively low costs!

DIY Hen Party Guest Book:

What You'll Need...

- Artist canvas board (whatever size you will need)
- 1 piece of nice quality card
- 2 Crystal embellishments of your own choosing
- Ribbon
- Scissors
- Small guillotine
- Double sided sticky tape (or glue dots will work just as well)
- Access to a computer


Step One: Select your size of canvas

The first step is to decide on what size canvas board you will need and this will depend on the size of your party. Canvas boards can be found in most craft or stationary shops and are quite cheap to buy.


Step Two: The Computer

Next you need to write out a title for your board on your computer so that might be “Hayley’s Hen Party!” you can write this out using word or even Photoshop if you have it but if not, dont worry you don’t really need it. Once you’re happy with your wording print it onto some paper first so you know that it’s the right size. When you’ve done your test and are happy with the way it looks print it out onto your card.


Step Three: Cutting The Card

Now that you have your wording printed you will need to cut the card to size and this will depend on how big your canvas board is. It’s best to use a cutting device so that you get straight edges, it doesn’t have to be expensive and if you’re into paper craft anyway you will get a lot of use out of it. Once trimmed to your desired size, you can stick it to the middle of your canvas. Use your glue dots or double sided sticky tape to firmly fix it in place. Alternatively you could use a photograph of the bride in the middle or leave a space and after the party fix a nice group photo of the girls enjoying your night.

Step Four: Decorate The Canvas

Once everything is in place all there is left to do is to decorate it using your crystal embellishments and with your ribbon tie a bow around the top for a pretty look. You can decorate it how you wish in whatever colour you like; just let your creative side come out!


So, lipsticks at the ready guys! Your hen night guest book is ready for use! After your hen party you can frame your guest book as a constant reminder of your night! Stayed tuned for more crafty ideas next week!!

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Lots of Love

Stacey x

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