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Hen Party Gift Ideas

Welcome ladies to another edition of Fashion Fridays, This week I have focused on "All Things Nice". I hope you all had a great bank holiday weekend and aren’t too depressed that it is our last before Christmas! Boo.

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This week's blog is dedicated to essential girly accessories we all should have in our lives and perhaps even some Christmas gift ideas – after all it is less than 4 months away!

First of all let’s look at some great new-line luggage for those weekend breaks away. Both of these are cabin sized and will fit in your car boot with no hassle! The first is from River Island and is £65, the second is from the Very website and is £49, IT Luggage are excellent IMO, I own a range of these in different fab colours and sizes, they are extremely durable and the 360˚ wheels make life so much easier! These suitcases also come with a 10year guarantee which is always a plus!


Make-up bags! There are so many great patterned make-up bags out there; here are 3 of my favourite styles that would make lovely gifts. The first comes from Mollie & Fred’s website and is £18.99 the parcel design is so cute and is finished with a faux string and poem. Note: When you subscribe to Mollie & Fred you will receive a 10% off your first order discount code. This website is such a gem for presents!

The next one I have chosen is a make-up box- for those of you that are super organised! This box is £50.95 from www.beauty-boxes.co.uk and comes in a range of colours and designs to suit all styles and personalities. Last but not least is this beautiful travel sized make up purse from Pip Studio at £30.


Almost all of us these days own a iPad, you can pick up cheap covers for these on the likes of e-bay and if you are lucky you can stumble across a designer one in T K Maxx, this one however is one of my favourites (because I have a weird obsession with gold!) and can be found in Monsoon £35-45 depending on your iPad model. I don’t know about you but when I’m browsing on my iPad I love nothing more than jumping into my pyjamas and getting all cozied up! Florence & Fred at Tesco has such a great range of clothes at the moment and is definitely worth a look, this 2 piece pyjama set is just £16 and the dressing gown £12.


These next three items are great stocking fillers or cheer me ups for those you love. The first being a vintage style hand held mirror £8.99 again from Mollie & Fred – these are so handy for checking out your hair in those blind spots at the back! Or this charming key ring £10 from not on the high street’s website – perhaps for a friend that has just moved into a new home?

In Ireland can you really have enough umbrellas? NO! So why not brighten up a miserable day and stand out with this this beautifully finished pink butterfly umbrella, £29.95 from not on the high street also!


Some other great gift ideas would be a jewellery box, slippers, or why not personalised cups/glasses or coasters? I could go on and on.. but until next time, have a great weekend!

Anna x

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