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Hen Party Gift Bag Ideas

We've got all the essential ideas to create the perfect SOS Gift Bag!

Hen Party Gift Bags

by Grace Kelly

Planning a hen party for the bride-to-be can be a daunting but exciting task! It’s not only the bride-to-be, which you have to think about keeping happy! There is off course her entourage of fun loving hens who will no doubt forget to pack some all important hen weekend essentials!

At HenorStag.com we thought we'd help ease the pressure of keeping your flock of hens happy by giving you our top tips on how to create the perfect SOS Gift Bag! SOS gift bags are an ingenious hen party idea - packed full of every girls 'must have' items! 

Here is a list of 'must have' ideas to consider packing into your hen party gift bags...


> Champagne/ wine glasses - for the journey!
> Mini bottle of wine/ fizz - ladies love bubbles! 
>  Chewing gum - for all the single ladies of course! 
> Travel size body deodorant - to keep the hens smelling sweet! 
> Mini packet of tissues/ baby wipes - should any accidents occur along the way! 
> Lip gloss - to keep your hens looking beautiful!
> Novelty party games/ questions - to keep the fun flowing!
> A printed card containing the contact details for your chosen accommodation - for all those hens who stray along the way! 
> Headache tablets - a must for the morning after!
> Bottled water - to help re-hydrate after a night of cocktails! 
> Scholl 'Party Feet' - foldable ballet flats for when the high heels are becoming a killer but your not ready to give in! 
> Hair grips - to keep the hair out of your cocktails!
> Mini bottle of hairspray - to keep the locks in place!
> Plasters - for the blisters!
> Flip Flops - for when you have no other option but to give in to the heels! 

Personalised Hen Party Gift Bags


Hen party gift bags can be personalised and the contents can all be purchased cheaply and in bulk to keep costs down. The contents can be tailored of course depending on the hen party. From pink ribbons to cute bows, personalised names to classy diamante's - you can accessorise you hen party bags to suit your chosen hen night theme! Get creative ladies - it sure will pay off and will also make a great keepsake for the bride-to-be and her flock of happy hens! 


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