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Hen Party Games For Large Groups


Help ensure the celebrations are going according to plan with some super fun hen party games! Hen party games are a fantastic way of ensuring everyone is getting involved and can also act as the ultimate icebreaker! It is important to note that some games are only suitable for smaller hen groups including Jenga hen party game and Pictionary! Nevertheless, we have come up with an exciting range of hen party games ideal for large groups!

Wedding Predictions Hen Party Game


Predictions for the Wedding is a unique hen party game that all members of the group can carry out no matter how big the group may be! It comes as no surprise that many of the hens have already made predictions in their head about the wedding antics before playing this game so it is a great way to find out what everyone is really thinking! This hen party game is super easy to arrange and carry out with only a piece of paper and pen needed for each girlie! On the page each lady will write down what she thinks will inevitably happen at the wedding! For each prediction they get right on the wedding day, they will be presented with a prize or reward! This is sure to get the brain working overtime!

To help inspire you, below are a few prediction that you may want to include:

- Bride and Groom’s First Dance Song?
- Bride and Father’s Dance Song?
- Flavour of the Wedding Cake?
- How Long Will the Best Man Speech Last?
- Will the Bride Wear her Hair Up or Down?
- What Song Will Everyone Dance To?
- Who Will Cry First?
- What Will the Weather Conditions Be?
- Who Will Drink the Most?

Banned Words Hen Party Game


For a hen party game that entails lots of forfeits, shots and dares, then banned words will most definitely not disappoint! Here the daring hens will try to catch each other out in order to make the other hen suffer! A simple yet effective hen party game that is of course perfect for groups of all sizes!

The hens will sit around in a group and choose a selection of words that will be banned through the celebrations! This can be for just the hen night or for the entire hen weekend if you and your ladies are feeling up to the challenge! The banned words can be as random or as common or as naughty as you want!

Any hen that says the banned word, no matter how accidental it may have been, must carry out a forfeit decided by her fellow hens or down a nasty shot on the spot! Banned Words ensures never a dull moment throughout the hen weekend and not only perfect for all hen group sizes, but all types of ladies!

Wine Tasting Hen Party Game


Hosting hen party games for a large group can be difficult, but a wine tasting hen party game is always sure to work a treat! Ideally, this game should be played at home and you will need a wide range of different wines including Cabernet, Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay and Malbec! Yes that’s right, things are about to get a little interesting! You will also need to invest in paper or bags to cover the wine to ensure there are no peeping hens trying to pull a fast one!

The hens will also sit around in a circle and one by one they must write down what wine they think it is and for extra points, the brand of the wine! When the last wine is taste and the points have been counted up, the hen with the most point will be crowned the ultimate wine connoisseur and will be rewarded with a fabulous prize (a bottle of wine perhaps)!

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Guess The Bottom Hen Party Game


Ensure every member of your large hen group are in floods of laughter with Guess The Bottom hen party game! This is a light-hearted hen party game that guarantees a lot of fun! Let’s see how well the Bride-to-be really knows each and every one of her lovely ladies! Not much organising is needed for this game except for each hen to take a bottom selfie, print it out and take to the party!
The Bride-to-be and her ladies must be seated around in a circle as she guesses who the bottom in the picture belongs to! For each guess she gets wrong, the Bride-to-be must carry out a forfeit suggested by her nearest and dearest!

Guess the Bottom is the perfect hen party game for all the ladies to join in on and is sure to be the ultimate brainteaser!

Balloon Question Time Hen Party Game


With Balloon Question Time the ladies can ask the Bride-to-be something they always want to no matter how silly it may be! For this game all you will need is balloons and paper! Get each hen to write down a question on the piece of paper, but leave it anonymous! The paper will then be placed in the balloon and ready for some popping!

Throughout the course of the celebrations, each hen will pop a balloon and the Bride-to-be will have the answer the question truthfully! If she refuses to answer the embarrassing or naughty question, she will have to carry out a forfeit! This is the most ideal way to get everyone tuned in and in the hen party spirit! With a glass of bubbly in hand and your nearest and dearest by your side, Balloon Question Time is the all-time ultimate game for large hen groups!

I’ve Never Hen Party Game


You may find out more about your naughty hens than you bargained for with I’ve Never! Nothing breaks the ice quite like finding out your follow hens secrets! Before starting this game, be sure that all the ladies drinks are completely topped up, each with a straw! Once this is done, gather all the ladies and have them seated around in a circle!

One by one, each hen must take turns admitting something crazy or embarrassing they have done! If anyone else in the group has done it also, they must make a sip of their drink! Topics can be as naughty or as innocent as you want them to be! With the hens frequently taking sips out of their drink, the drunker they will get making the confessions all the more interesting! The hen who has drank the most by the end of the game will be crowned the “I’ve Never” winner!

You and your ladies will never come across a dull moment playing this hilarious hen party game! It is sure to be the topic of conversation for indeed a very long time!

So there you have it ladies, our top hen party games for large groups! Be inspired and be sure to play them at the celebrations, they will not let you down!

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