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Hen party games are essential for any hen night. Choose free hen party games for your hen weekend. 100's of free hen party game ideas that will help get your hen party off to a roaring success! Will you decide to play naughty hen party games or one that will have the entire hen party laughing aloud?

Hen Party Games

Hen party games are sure to add fun to any hen weekend! Many of the hen party game ideas on HenorStag.com are free and are focused on encouraging the hen party to mingle and laugh together! So if your spending your hen weekend indoors, heading out or travelling a long distance and seeking some hen party drinking games, then look no further than what we have for you!

Hen Party Drinking Games

Add some fun to your hen weekend with fun and entertaining hen party drinking games. Choose as many classy hen party drinking games as you want and let the giggles begin! Will you decide during your hen party drinking game to inflict penalties for any girl that can't keep up with the rest? Hen party drinking games can give your girls the perfect opportunity to enforce some cheeky hen party dares. One of the best known drinking games is called "Kings" and involves a deck of cards and a good stamina!

Hen Night Game Ideas

Below you will find some of the most popular and free hen party game ideas there is!

Mr & Mrs Game - The aim of this hen party game is test the knowledge of the bride and groom by asking a range of fun hen party questions. Although the groom may not be there, the girls can taste the bride-to-be on how much she actually knows about her future husband!

I’ve Never Game - This hen party game is a great ice breaker! Each hen has to say something that they have “never” did before and can be as wild and outrageous as you want it to be! This hen party game always has many laughs and quite a few drinks!

Baby I Love You Hen Party Games- The perfect game to test who can keep a straight face in the group! Expect lots of laughs with this one!

Balloon Volleyball Hen Party Games - A great game to get your ladies in competition mood! All you need is a balloon and fast reactions! Have you got what it takes? 

Banned Words Hen Party Games - Catch your cheeky hens out with this super challenging game! Funny forfeits and dares make it all the more interesting!

Bed Sheet Hen Party Games - A simple yet effective game that is sure to kickstart the celebrations and get everyone giggling! 

Big Dangly Oranges Hen Party Games - You'll be surprised how much fun you can have with a pair of tights and oranges, the hens won't want it to end!

Bingo Card Hen Party Games - Bingo, you have found the right game to test the ladies knowledge! The perfect brainteaser! 

Bluff Hen Party Games - Each hen's aim is to try and get rid of their cards as quick as possible, but be careful this can be done by honesty or complete bluffing...or both!

Bride-To-Be Quiz Hen Party Games - How well do th hens know their Bride-to-be? Find out with this fun lighthearted game! 

Bust That Balloon Hen Party Games - Have the ladies running about like headless chickens, this laugh out loud game is sure to please and get the celebrations underway!

Candyman Hen Party Games - For the ladies with a sweet tooth, this game is right up your street! Not to mention, it will also help gring back fond childhood memories!

Charades Meets Chinese Whispers Hen Party Games - A combination of two super fun games is sure to get all the ladies joining in! Let's hope you have good hearing and acting skills!

Cream Crackers Hen Party Games - This game will ensure that no hens go hungry during the celebrations, it is an absolute 'cracker'!  

Don't Say A Word Hen Party Games - With only a pen and piece of paper, this simple game sure is the perfect opportunity to get the ladies to carry out hilarious forfeits!

Dress The Bride Hen Party Games
 - Have the Bride-to-be looking absoltely ridiculous or absolutely amazing to help kickstart the celebrations in style!

Famous Names Hen Party Games - Test your ladies knoweldge on how well the know some of the most iconic celebrities, expect lots of random answers!

Find My Man Hen Party Games - This game is ideal for all those daring and cheeky hens with all you needing is a pack of playing cards!

Funny Mr & Mrs Questions Hen Party Games - How well do you know the future Mr and Mrs? You can make the questions as cheeky or as sweet as you want them to be!

Embarrassing Photo Contest Hen Party Games
- What better send off than embarrassing the Bride-to-be on her special day with some of the most funniest photos? This game is sure to have the ladies in tears!

Guess The Baby Hen Party Games - It's is time for the Bride-to-be to test her knowledge on her nearest and dearest with super cute baby pictures!

Guess The Bottom Hen Party Games - A very cheeky but lighthearted game that is guaranteed to be a real laugh!

Guess The Memory Hen Party Games- Have the ladies remincising over old fond memories that they havd with the Bride-to-be! It is a real tear-jerker!

Guess The Fiance Hen Party Games - For a real brainteaser, you are sure to be pleased with this game! Let's see how well your hens know some of the most famous celebrity couples!

Hamburger Hen Party Games - This game doesnt involve real hamburgers but it does involve a lot of fun and creativity!

Hats Off Hen Party Games - This hilarious game that can be played anywhere at any given time, it reallu does test the hens attention! 

Pictionary Hen Party Games - Just like the old school game of Pictionary, this version has been designed to help suit the hen party celebrations! It is sure to please!

I've Never Hen Party Games - Get to know your cheeky hens a lot better with this game, you are in for a surprise or two!

Kings Hen Party Games
- A thrilling game that is sure to have everyone on edge and kickstart the celebrations in style!
Laughing Hen Party Games - For a simple yet effective way of getting the ladies to giggle aloud, this game is guaranteed to do just the trick!

Malteasers Hen Party Games - This game is sure to appeal to all those chocolate lovers and get the hen party celebrations underway!

Memory Lane Hen Party Games - Have everyone reminiscing over happy memories with the Bride-to-be! Perfect for both friends old and new! 

Mr & Mrs Questions Hen Party Games - See how well you know the future couple with a series of tricky yet funny questions!

Mr & Mrs Quiz Hen Party Games - Now it's the Bride-to-be turn to see how well she actually knowd the love of her laugh! Guaranteed to be a great laugh!

Mystery Present Hen Party Games - Let's get the Bride-to-be's brain working with this lighthearted and fun game that suits all types of hens!

Naughty Mr & Mrs Questions Hen Party Games - Ask the Bride-to-be something you always wanted to know but it was never appropriate! Now's your chance!

Oven Mitts n' Tights Hen Party Games - This game is the ultimate hen party icebreaker with all you needing is oven mitts and tights! The ladies are guaranteed to be in floods of laughter!

Pass The Balloon Hen Party Games - Keep the hens on their toes with this exciting and humurous game! Get everyone in competition mode!

Pass The Orange Hen Party Games
- A simple yet effective game to kickstart the celebrations that includes a prize for the winner!

Pass The Parcel Hen Party Games - Bring back many fond childhood memories with this game! It will get the girls laughing and feeling nostalgic at the same time!

Peggy Sue Hen Party Games - For this game you'll need to be extra sneaky and be able to hold a straight face! The perfect hen party icebreaker!

Pin The Tail on the Male Hen Party Games - Bring it back to old school birthdy parties with this hilarious game! Your ladie are sure to be in their element with the hen party version!

Pop The Question Hen Party Games - The Bride-to-be is in control as she asks her lovely hens the most daring questions in this 'truth or dare' style game!

Present Hen Party Games - How well does your Bride-to-be know each of her nearest and dearest? Find out with this quirky and fun game!

Scavenger Hunt Hen Party Games - Have the ladies runnig about like headless chickens in this laugh out loud game! You sure are in for a surprise!

Spot Your Charade Hen Party Games - How good are you acting skills? Find out with a super find game of charades hen party version! 

Sticker Stalker Hen Party Games - For this game your ladies must be extra sneaky and try not to laugh in order to win! Be sure to watch your back!

The Dancing Queen Hen Party Games - Get the girlies on their feet with this humurous and lighthearted game! Suitable for all ladies especially those with two left feet!

The Ice Cube Melters Hen Party Games - This game sure is the ultimate ice-breaker! Guaranteed to get everyone in the hen party spirit!

There's A Hole In My Bucket Hen Party Games
- This game is quite similar to a super fun water fight and will ensure everyone is enjoying the celebrations! Be sure to come prepared!

Toilet Paper Couture Hen Party Games - Who needs a designer wedding dress when you have a bunch of creative and talented kinds who can make one for you! This game is certainly out of the ordinary!

Truth or Dare Hen Party Games - This whacky game sure is a safe bet and will defintely make the hen party celebrations more amusing and interesting!

Which One Is The Lie Hen Party Games - Catch out your cheeky and mischievious hens out with this super thrilling game that is sure to cause a few more surprises than you opted for!

Who Am I Hen Party Games - Get your thinking hats on as you work out who each member of the group is! It can be anyone from a celebrity to a friend!

Who Is It Hen Party Games
- The ladies are sure to be in for a good time with this superb game! Your ladies will leave feeling dizzy, but not from the bubbly!

Wine Tasting Hen Party Games
- The perfect game for all those lovers of wine! Let's find out how well you know your favourite alcoholic beverage!

Funny Accent Hen Party Games - For the ladies that love a challenge, this game is sure to impress! With a prize at stake, make sure your accent tops all the others!

Jenga Hen Party Games - this game is sure to have all the ladies on edge as they carry out laugh out loud dares and more!

Poem Parade Hen Party Games - It's time for the ladies to get their thinking hats on as they create a speical riddle for the Bride-to-be! Prizes at stake!