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Hen Party Etiquette Who To Invite


Choosing who to invite to your hen party can be indeed both a daunting and stressful experience especially if you are a people’s pleaser and don’t want people to feel left out! However with only a certain limit of people allowed, you may have the difficult process of having to narrow it down to only a few members! There are a few things you will need to take into deep consideration when carrying out this role including the hen party activity and hen night antics! The best place to start of course is sitting down with the Bride-to-be herself and deciding who must be invited! Here we give you the low down on who to invite and those you may consider avoiding!

How Many Hens To Invite


Unquestionably, the most awkward and exhausting part of organising the hen party celebrations is trying to limit or work out the amount of people you can invite! Factors such as the hen party activity or accommodation can all account for this matter! If you are opting for a spa day or perhaps afternoon tea or a dance class, the maximum amount of hens can usually range between 20-25 which can indeed cause a lot of complications when sorting out who to invite! Not to mention, hen party accommodation can become a huge issue with many self-catering venues only catering for as little as 8-10 people! However, some can hold up to as many as 30-40 if you are lucky! It comes as no surprise that the number of people can really impact on the choices or level or fun so be sure to choose wisely!



It is important to consider the Bride-to-be’s closest friends first and foremost! However, through her life, the Bride-to-be would have made a whole range of close friends from school days, college days and even sports team! It is up to you to decide which ones are worthy candidates and which ones do not make the cut! It is important to invite hens who are already familiar with each other so that there are no awkward silences throughout the hen weekend and that you are confident that they will bring the fun and not cause any scenes! However, it is always the Bride-to-be’s opinion that matters so be sure to clarify it over with her first before making any rational decisions!



Another major process is deciding which family members to invite! It goes without saying the Bride-to-be’s sisters will be invited no matter what as they are most likely to be the bridesmaids or perhaps even maid of honour! First cousins can be determined depending on how close they are to the Bride-to-be! Age can play a huge factor on inviting the cousins with some potentially being too old or young for the celebrations! Nevertheless, be sure to choose carefully as such decisions can cause friction and feuds within the family circle and you do not want be to responsible for that! Moreover, whether or not to invite the Mother or Mother-to-be is without a doubt a very tough decision to make! If you decide to invite her, this can limit what goes on at the celebrations! This means no late night partying or naughty activities including nude life drawing! However, inviting the Mother or mother-to-be can make the celebrations all the more special for the Bride as she may want to spend this occasion with her nearest and dearest! You may decide to run it past the Bride-to-be herself first just to be on the safe side!

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Work Colleagues


It is also important to consider the work colleague as these are the people that the Bride-to-be spends most of their week days as well as lunch and break times with! However, sometimes the Bride-to-be may only want a few of her work colleagues there and this can be for a number of reasons! Firstly, the work colleagues may not know the Bride-to-be’s closest friends or family members too well making this an awkward and intimidating experience for all involved! Secondly, the Bride-to-be may want to keep her personal life and work life separate as she may not want the embarrassing stories getting back to the office! Be careful when deciding what colleagues to invite and not to invite as this can cause a lot of awkwardness in a Bride’s work life and you don’t want it being your fault!

So there you have it, our top tips and advice when deciding who to invite to the hen party! Now it is up to you to make the final arrangements!

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