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We all know that when a group of girls get together it means mischief! That's what makes hen parties even better because you can get away with it. So why not spice things and introduce an array of hen party dares?

Hen Night Dares

No hen weekend would be complete without some hen party dares! Below is a list of the most popular and favourite dares you can use at any hen party weekend.
Hen party dares can be combined with hen party games. An example of this is the popular Mr & Mrs hen night game - for every question the bride-to-be gets wrong she does a dare, for everyone she gets right - she nominates someone else to do a dare! You can even make your very own hen party dare cards for the hen weekend.

Drinking Dares

A well known hen party drinking dare is 'Fire Shot'... and never ends well! Get your girls around the table with one hand behind their back. Every hen must place a £1 in a pot and the last hen standing is crowned the winner and receives the money! The task is for your hens to down a shot, made up of half Tequila and half Tabasco sauce - change the ingredients to Whiskey or Sambuca and sticky syrup if you want! Any vomiting or water involved that person is expelled.. simples!

Group Dares

Name Calling is a great hen party group game involving all every single girl there is! People who are terrible at remembering names will love this game! As soon as your hen party enters a bar or nightclub, the game begins. Every member of the hen group is not allowed to call any other member by their first name. You may only use the name 'MO' until everyone has finished their drink and left the bar. Anyone who forgets themselves or didn't mean to say it, has a penalty to face - with no excuses! Penalties can be chosen by the bride-to-be and can consist of anything from 10 press up's by the bar or a double shot of Tequila! Be as daring as you want on your hen party weekend!