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Hen Party Cocktail Classes

Hen parties may think they're cocktail experts, when it comes to drinking them! But what about making them? Some say there is an art to making the perfect hen night cocktail! If your in search of a hen party activity why not consider booking a cocktail class so your hens can pick up all the tips of the day to make the perfect hen party cocktail!

Cocktail Packages for Hen Parties

Hen parties should consider booking a cocktail package for their hen weekend in Ireland. Cocktail packages are great value and consist of a 90 minute cocktail masterclass with your very own mixologist. Have fun creating your very own favourite hen night cocktail, shaking, pouring and mixing them together with your hen party friends. Will it be a Mojito, cosmopolitan, strawberry Daiquiri or one that you invented yourself during the hen night cocktail making class? Not only will your hen party get to sample their cocktails but you and the mixologists will play fun hen party games to keep all of the hen do entertained. Hen party cocktail packages are available throughout Ireland and are a great idea for girls that like to have fun while learning a thing or two about their favourite cocktail!

Hen Party Cocktail Tips

1) Never ever just think you can throw in all ingredients into the cocktail shaker or glass at once. To make the perfect cocktail during your cocktail making class you should remember to follow the instructions provided by your mixologists. The way in which you add the ingredients can really effect the taste of your hen party cocktail.

2) One of the best and easiest cocktail making tips for hen parties is to ensure you chill the cocktail glass before commencing with your cocktail class. Believe it or not hen night cocktails served in a chilled cocktail glass taste so much better and is how all quality bars and nightclubs across Ireland serve their cocktails.

3) When preparing your hen party cocktails remember to shake only the cocktail shaker and not your body! You can leave the body movements for the dance floor during the big hen night ahead!

Cocktail Making at Home

Why not have the luxury of having your hen night at home and hiring a cocktail bar tender to carry out your very own cocktail making class at home. Yes ladies, gather up your hen party girls to learn all the tricks of the trade with a cocktail making class at home. During the hen night you will learn to shake, mix, strain and stir your favourite cocktail without having to leave the house! When it comes to cocktail equipment never fear as your cocktail mixologist will supply all of the necessary equipment from cocktail glasses, shakers to stirrers.

Hen Party Cocktail Recipes

With so many different cocktails available it can be hard to know which cocktails to make during your hen night cocktail class. We've selected the three most popular cocktails and listed all the ingredients for any hen party that wants to attempt to make their very own cocktails at home.

Sex on The Beach Cocktail Recipe

1.5 oz of Vodka
0.5oz of Peach Snapps
2oz Cranberry Juice
2oz Orange Juice

Cosmopolitan Cocktail Recipe

1.5oz of Vodka
0.5 Orange Liqueur
Squeeze fresh lime juice
1oz Cranberry Juice
Twist Orange peel to garnish

Mojito Cocktail Recipe

2.5oz Light Rum
1.5 Fresh Limes
20 Mint Leaves
2.5 tsp of Sugar
Splash of Soda
Handful of ice



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