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Hen Party Themes - City Breaks

Trying to think of hen party themes? Plan the hen party around the bride's-to-be favourite city. Whether that city is Paris, Las Vegas or even New York, you must pull out all the stops and make her feel as if she is there. Here is how to do just that!  

Hen Party Themes - City Breaks

Favourite Cities:

1) Paris

Of course when we think of a city along with love and romance we all think of Paris, and if Paris is good enough for Kim Ks wedding then it’s good enough for yours. It’s just a pity we all can’t afford to fly everyone over there on a private jet.

Why not bring the magic of Paris to you! For one night enjoy and just pretend you're in Paris. When I think of Paris I think of fine elegant food, the Eiffel Tower and of course fashion in particular Channel.

2) New York

New York is the city that never sleeps and the party capital of the world. So what better city to plan your hen party around. There are so many great things about New York to make your night memorable and special, the food, the style, the iconic buildings, skyline and of course the cocktail made famous by the Sex in the City girls, the cosmopolitan. Take some inspiration from Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha and pretend you are living it up in the Big Apple.

3) Las Vegas


Maybe you are lucky enough to actually be able to go to Vegas for a girly weekend ahead of your big day, but if the budget doesn’t allow why not take Vegas to you. Of course Vegas has many attractions, but one of the most common reasons why people go is for the gambling and Casinos. Vegas is like Disneyland for the grown-ups.


Hen Party Themes - City Breaks

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this week’s blog, and that it has given you some inspiration and ideas and not just made you feel like you need to book a holiday. There are so many ways to make your destination party fun and exciting, and make you all feel like you have flown to some of the world’s most exciting cities for one night.

Thank you for reading

Until next week...


Ciara x

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