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Collecting Money for Your Hen or Stag Made Easy With Swoosch


Have you thought about the trouble you might have trying to collect money from your besties for the forthcoming hen or stag party? There’s always those people who never have cash on them, not to mention those who don’t live in your area and may even be coming from abroad. Fear not, Swoosch.it is a platform for organisers to collect money for any type of upcoming group event including of course a hen or stag weekend! As we all know collecting money for the celebrations can be a daunting task and certainly adds the stress factor, but with Swoosch the chief organiser can keep up to date with who has or has not contributed whilst keeping on top of the hectic planning!

Entrepreneur Achille Traore who recently launched Swoosch stresses that he designed the funding platform with the intention of making it super easy to collect money for social occasions. Mr Traore reveals that: “The inspiration for the idea came when I was organising a stag do for a friend of mine. It was an absolute nightmare to organise the trip between 15 people - where we’d be staying, activities etc.”


Swoosch.it can be created in 3 simple steps which makes planning your upcoming hen or stag party feel like a walk in the park! Firstly, you can create and customise your own Swoosch account and money pot in just a few clicks! But you cannot have a money pot without friends! Swoosh allows you to easily invite friends and group members via Facebook or email. Lastly, those that have been invited can then contribute or pay their way with a debit or credit card. Once the goal amount is raised, the chief organiser can then transfer all funds to their bank account to be able to make any required payments for the event they have organised. The summary in swoosch shows a breakdown of how much each person has paid, making it easy to keep a track of, especially when people wish to split up their payments.

There are many other advantages and benefits of using Swoosch for your upcoming hen or stag party, but one of the biggest benefits is that you can send reminders to those who have yet to contribute! This means no more excuses, missing deadlines or chasing people, oh the joys! Friends and members can also comment and leave messages for the rest of the group to see, which is an effective way of keeping in touch!

Whether you are planning a day out at an adventure centre or a lavish weekend away in a vibrant city be sure to check out Swoosch where the sky is the limit!

Create your pot on Swoosch before Christmas and a lucky winner will receive £100 added to their pot, just in time for Christmas! 

Image Credits: Swoosch

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