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Heart Stopping Stag Dos With Bristol Airsoft


There’s literally a litany of reasons why you should choose Bristol Airsoft for your mate’s stag do, but before we go into that, lets first answer — what is Airsoft?

What is Airsoft?


Airsoft is an action packed activity that will leave you breathless! Using air guns that share a striking resemblance with the real thing, players can be thrown headfirst into life-like combat situations. The air guns used fire small plastic BBs at a rapid rate of fire, which is superior to paintball for two reasons. Firstly, the accuracy of these Airsoft guns is very precise, so a player’s keen 3marksman abilities will shine. Secondly, BBs are known to hurt less when hitting a target, so you wont have to worry about bruises the next morning!

That being said, the drawback to using BBs is that unlike paintball, a BB does not mark the target when hit. This means that player must show honesty and raise their hand to indicate that they have been hit, but as players will respawn at their base after being shot, there’s no reason to lie!

Similar to paintball, Airsoft can be played as a team or individuals, meaning that games can have a diverse range of objectives. From capture the flag to team deathmatch, teams will have to work together in order to meet their goals.

Now that we’ve explained what Airsoft is, here’s why Bristol Airsoft is one of a kind venue.

Bristol Airsoft Venue


Bristol Airsoft is the most distinctive and longest running indoor Airsoft site in the UK, as it is an all weather venue that boasts over 20,000 square feet of live playing area! These 20,000 square feet are spread over multiple levels, with stairwells, balconies and mezzanine levels all implemented here to make you feel like you’ve entered a real-life combat area!

As if that wasn’t enough, far below the mezzanine levels are 9,000 square feet of underground Victorian prison cells! They are designed to get your heart racing and inspire close quarter combat! All the many levels of the complex mentioned are found in an Authentic Crown court setting, which along with the weapons and kit for hire, will help to make your Airsoft experience that bit more real!

By choosing to book your Stag Do here, you'll get exclusive use of the whole site, as well as a dedicated event manager and marshals to ensure a unique experience for your group. They will organise an array of different games that simulate real and hostile situations that will make for a day of heart-pounding action! As well as this, all equipment (facemasks, guns and unlimited ammo) is provided by the team, meaning that your Stag package with Bristol Airsoft will be all inclusive!

Stag Night Options in Bristol


As the site is found in the bustling city centre of Bristol, its not too far away from some of the top nightlife spots around. After spending 3-5 hours playing Airsoft with your mates, you can get cleaned up for a night on the town! Here are a few top nightlife spots you can check out during your stag night in Bristol city.

- The Waterfront (Harbourside) : Packed with a range of great restaurants, bars and night clubs— from Lloyd’s No1 Bar to PRYZM night club.
- Millennium Square: Close to the Waterfront this square is a great area for bars and restaurants. Fine dining establishments like Tika Flame Curry House and Steinbecks are here, as well as the Rainbow Casino.
- King’s Street: Street that is wall to wall with bars and pubs to check out, with historic pub’s like the Old Duke coupled with modern additions like the popular Apple Boat
- Motion: Top Nightclub in the city, host’s international DJs

Image Credits: Motion Bristol

Interested? Make an enquiry with Bristol Airsoft today and set the wheels in motion for an an action packed stag weekend in the city!

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