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Hawaiian Hen Party

Hawaii - famous for amazing beaches and sun kissed glows! This week blogger Ciara McKevitt explains how you can create a brilliant Hawaiian themed hen party right at home!

Hawaiian Themed Hen Party

Why not make the most of the good weather and hold a Hawaiian themed hen party? Nothing will get you in the mood for summer quicker! Forget long bus journeys and closing times - the only thing you have to worry about is your neighbours! Start by decorating your interior or garden with colourful lanterns, candles, floral wreaths and balloons! Most of the decorations can be bought on the internet for next to nothing! Place lots of candles around the garden or deck area so that when night falls the candle light will create a gorgeous Hawaiian glow! Bring the iPod dock into the outdoors and fill the air with the sweet sound of cool summer tunes!

Hawaiian Food and Drink Ideas

When I think of Hawaiian food I think of colourful fresh fruits and refreshing cocktails but you obviously can’t have your guests survive on that all night so why not try some authentic Hawaiian recipes? If cooking is not your strong point or that all sounds like too much of an effort you could always just serve some Hawiian pizzas to soak up some of the tropical cocktails!


As for the drinks, you absolutely have to try the party classic of hollowing out a pineapple to drink your summery cocktail from! I have included two links below to some websites with helpful tips and recipes for your perfect Luau party food!
Visit: Allrecipies.com
Visit: Table Spoon

Hawaiian Fancy Dress

To create the ultimate Hawaiian look be sure to clip some flowers into your hair with colourful flower lei's around your neck! With flip flops on your feet it's party time! There are so many costumes and accessories out there in party shops and online that there is no excuse not to turn up fully decked out. On Amazon for example you will find a whole host of tropical outfits from only £6.99!

So what are you waiting for? Summer is coming, it's time to get your friends together to celebrate the best hen party they have ever seen!

Until next week, have a great weekend... 
Ciara x


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