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Harry and George Boutique Launch Party

Joanne goes to the Harry & George Boutique Launch Party. Harry and George is a new shop in Enniskillen, County Fermanagh that has unique clothes brands which are a mix between high street and high end. Find out more about Harry & George and why people love it.

Two Friends Officially Launch Their Shop

THE launch party of Harry & George Boutique was held in their shop on Friday 7th November at 6.30pm. The shop is located on Churchstreet, Enniskillen, has been open for eight months and sells unique clothes brands that are a mix between high end and high street. Good friends and owners Sabrina and Edel named the shop after their firstborns ‘Harrison and George’, they are so passionate about their children and they want to carry this ethos through the business.

Harry & George Boutique Owners - Edel and Sabrina

Harry and George frequently brings ladies to Enniskillen because of their unique brands. On Friday people began queuing at 5.30pm and at 6.30pm there was over a hundred queued down the street. This apprehension was due to the free goodie bags that contained £70 worth of goods for the first one hundred to enter the shop. Journalist, Deboragh Armstrong, who was one of last to get a goodie bag says, “it’s great that so many women are supporting a local business. Harry and George has brands that are not very local, so it’s bringing people into Enniskillen and hopefully providing Enniskillen with more business.”

Harry & George Launch Party Queue

When the doors of Harry and George opened, Sabrina and Edel gave everyone a warm welcome at the door. There was live music, a fashion show, everyone got entered into a fashion lotto draw for the chance to win a leather jacket, voucher for Colebrooke Spa, voucher for United Colors of Benetton and a voucher for Eden Hair & Beauty, everyone also got a glass of Prosecco, a variety of canapés and a 20% off voucher that can be used and shared as many times as you like over the next two weeks. Student, Sarah Armstrong, reveals, “it’s really good that they’ve done this after the shop has been open for a while. It’s great idea for women to come together, have a bit of fun and see the latest trends as every woman likes a bit of fashion.” The stock was all presented perfectly and women had a browse while drinking Prosecco, talking to friends and listening to live music.


Harry & George Launch Party Going ons

Many said that Sabrina and Edel totally understand their customer’s needs, with the experience they gave their customers on Friday and with the clothes they offer. Jill Magee a pharmacy technician says, “this shop has really answered my prayers and I be in it quite a bit although my husband does not approve of that (she laughs). It offers a great range of clothes for women of all ages, especially that stage between the young and old generation, and I think it has brought those unique brands that I used to wear years ago back into Fermanagh.”
Owners, Sabrina and Edel mingled with their customers throughout the night. Edel explained that their friendship began when she worked five years for Sabrina in; United Colors of Benetton which is another retail shop. After Edel had her first child she could not face going back to full time work. “Setting up a clothes shop was something that I wanted to do, I had a chat with Sabrina about it and we decided to do it together. Sabrina had the space above her shop and its just went from there, and we just keep getting bigger and bigger – we now have around 20 different brands.” Sabrina says “it’s great to be in business with someone as you can share the experience and share your worries with them, and it’s even better when that someone is such a close friend.”

The party continued until 10.30pm. Edel says “tonight has been the highest point for me. Tonight has really overwhelmed me, I walked up the stairs and I had a lump in the back of my throat, but it’s fantastic that all of these people came”. Edel also advises someone who is thinking of starting up a business “to go for it, obviously it’s hard work, but in terms of having availability for your children it’s great and I can work around my family.”

Sabrina also revealed she was very excited and nervous about the launch party, “but once we got the doors open and seen all these people I started to relax. Sabrina had previously held a launch party for United Colors of Benetton in 2005. “It’s best to establish a business first before a launch party, so the party is successful”. Sabrina then revealed “the next step for Harry & George Boutique would be online.”

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HenorStag.com wishes Harry and George Boutique all the best in future. 

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