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Group Stag Do Dares


So whether you are good with peoples names, or simply not that good at all, we're sure that this one shall be highly entertaining. Obviously with all of your mates in tow at the Stag then most people will know each others name ... Even better!


1. As soon as you enter a designated bar this dare begins immediately, so everyone needs to be aware of the rules before entering.

2. Once inside the bar every single member of the stag party is not allowed to call any other member by their Christian name.

3. You can only address someone by the name "Mo" until you have finished your drink and left the bar.

4. If any one breaches this rule then their must be a penalty imposed upon the guilty party, whether that be a nasty shot, down a pint in one or even 50 press ups ... it's your choice, so be as nasty as you want!


The holding of hands is one of the most powerful symbols and gestures of mankind. It can be a sign of love and affection to a person very close to you, or a comforting gesture to someone in need. Whatever the reason it is an intimate action universally recognised around the world!


1. Here the dare is involves every single member of the stag party being paired up with another member of the stag party.

2. The entire stag party must go to a new bar or club where they have not yet been that day or weekend. All stags must enter the premises holding the hand of the stag they have been paired with.

3. Stags must not at any stage break the bond of holding hands.

4. Each pair must go to the bar and order a pint each. Hands must be held continusously throughut drinking the pint and can only be released on completion of the pint.

5. If this bond is broken at any time then there is to be a severe penalty imposed on both stags involved.

6. These rules are also fully enforceable if one stag feels the need to go to the toilet. Link up lads!

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