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Gin Hen Party Ideas


To all Gin drinkers—these are the hen party ideas for you! From travelling around in search of fun Gin activities, to finding unique and easy ways to having gin at home—these gin ideas will have you gleaming with anticipation! Without further do, lets crack on with the list.

Go to Gin School


This class definitely isn’t on the school curriculum—but its a valuable class all the same! Gin schools in Ireland are now affording you and your girls the chance to learn how to make your own gin! Firstly, you will begin by designing the flavour of your own personal gin, by choosing the spices and fruit to add to your blend to make it stand out from the rest! After choosing the materials that you will use, you will then get educated on the use of Botanicals in order to blend the gin, as well as learning how to use specialised distilling equipment. After your gin has been made, it will be bottled, labelled and sealed with your own personal stamp of approval!

Gin Cocktail Making Classes


From Brambles to Martinis, you and your girls can take a Gin cocktail class on your hen party to expand on your cocktail making repertoire! What’s more, these classes are extremely beneficial to you—as you will be able to wow guests at future parties with your mad cocktail making skills! What better way to kick off the start to a great hen night by making cocktails with everyones favourite ingredient—Gin!

DIY Gin Tea Party


If you happen to kicking off your hen party from home, there is a super simple way to casually add sophistication and most importantly—Gin, to the occasion! This simple trick is adding varying flavours to your Gin & Tonic to make it unique. Perhaps have a fruit station so that the girls can add a fruit wedge of their choice—choosing between lime, orange, peppercorn or elderflower! With this easy addition, you can bring something unique to your tea party!

Make Unique Gin Glasses


Another sneaky tip to add to your DIY Gin Tea Party is by making unique glasses for the girls to pour their drinks into! We recommended choosing a theme for the glasses that fits well with the theme of the tea party! If your tea party is Hawaiian themed, you can choose to use hollowed out coconuts or tiki glasses! For a summer theme, golden pineapple glasses jam jars should so this trick! Alternatively, if you’re looking for something a little quirkier, you could get disco ball cocktail glasses or skull glasses to make them the centre of conversation! Mini fish bowls for shared cocktails are also a nice idea, as well as tipsy teacups for a classier affair. Whatever you decide to go for, these unique cocktail glasses will bring something different to your afternoon tea!

Gin Infused Foodies


Who knew you could have gin-tastic treats during your afternoon tea that are not only tasty, but could get you tipsy! Pinterest is littered with great food ideas that are made with gin lovers in mind! Some of the easier ideas that will get the girls talking are gin ice lollies, gin cheesecake and gin cupcakes! For the ice lollies, you will freeze fruit ingredients with juice and gin a glasses—leaving them in the freezer to set! When baking the cheesecake or cupcakes, its as easy as adding your gin and tonic to your mix as you bake them, leaving you with an admirable end result!

Image Credits: Trip Advisor | TT Liquor | Pinterest

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