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Gangster Stag Do Theme

What You'll Need

  • Pin Striped Suit
  • Hat
  • Braces
  • Trenchcoat
  • White Spat Shoe Covers
  • White Tipped Shoes
  • Optional Moustache

Get the Gangster Look

The key to the classic gangster look is to appear very relaxed and stylish. Get your stags zipped up into 'zoot' suits (trendy cut suits with daring patterns and lots of style). Add a chunky tie, a fedora hat, a fake moustache, and white tipped black shoes to complete the stag gangster look! Just stick a cigar in your mouth and a 1920’s machine gun (a fake one obviously!) in your arms to top off the perfect gangster appearance. It’s sure to scare off any competition for female attention when your bad boys begin the social stag celebrations later that night!

Stag Day Activity

If your stags are going to act like gangsters then they’ll have to perfect their aim. Bring them to a nearby clay pigeon or target shooting centre to let your stag lads get the chance to feel a gun without breaking the law! Later on why don’t your stags make their own batch of ‘illegal moonshine’ liquor while you all gather around a table and engage in some gambling? Perhaps fill up a few hip flasks and do some secret drinking like they did in the roaring twenties! (Not in any stag venue off course).


If any of your stags haven’t seen any of the classic gangster films then grab a flask of ‘moonshine’ and gather to watch the famous films like ‘Casino’, ‘Scarface’, 'The Godfather’ trilogy and ‘Goodfellas’ starring top actors like Al Pachino and Robert DeNiro. Your stags sure will be inspired by the smart dress sense of the most stylish criminals in history!

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