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Miami Vice Stag Do Theme

What You'll Need

  • Baggy White Suit
  • Blackout Sun Glasses
  • Round Neck T Shirt
  • Optional: Crockett Wig

Get The Miami Vice Look

You can get the Miami Vice look with very little effort! All you need to pull of this striking look is a white baggy suit, dark sunglasses and a round neck t-shirt! Or, for the added "Crockett" look which will ensure everyone on your stag night knows exactly who you are, add a blonde wig for good measure!

Stag Day Activity

A hilarious way to enjoy this stag do theme is solve crimes like they do in the hit tv series! If you're looking for problem solving activities, then escape rooms are the ticket! These rooms will lock you in for usually 60 minutes, giving you and your crime solving mates the chance to work together in order to escape the room in record time. Alternatively, you can also play murder mystery on your stag do, with your team focused on solving a mysterious murder with the murderer in question still living at large!


The best way to get an insight into the iconic Miami Voice look is by watching the famous NBC crime drama. This 80s crime thriller has a striking costume style that will be very apparent, making it no surprise as to why its such a popular theme for stags!


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