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Game of Thrones Stag Do Ideas


It’s the TV show that almost everyone is obsessed with and most guys would love a stag weekend just like a normal day in Westeros which is full of wine, ale, actions and lovely ladies! While we can’t offer you dragon’s or White Walker’s, there are many Game of Thrones themed stag do activities, costumes and tours that are sure to please even the most die hard Game of Thrones fans! With a lot of Game of Thrones being filmed in the UK, there are quite a few landmarks that have become famous after appearing in the show and here we reveal some of the best landmarks to visit and activities to take part in on your Game of Thrones inspired stag do.

Game of Thrones Tours


There are several locations in Ireland that have played host to some huge moments in the Game of Thrones series and there are a number of different tours that you and your group of stags can take part in to visit them.

Belfast Winterfell Locations Trek: Winterfell is the home kingdom of one of the most popular families in Game of Thrones, the Starks, and therefore is a huge tourist attraction. Castle Ward Estate has 9 Game of Thrones locations on site and they are all close together. These sites include Winterfell itself, a small castle that served as one of Walder Frey’s Twin’s and an area in the Riverlands that Robb Stark used as his camp. Next you will move on to Inch Abbey where your group will stop for a photoshoot at the ruin’s of a 12th century Cistercian Abbey where one of the most epic Game of Thrones moments took place, Robb Stark being named “King in the North”! The next point of call is Tollymore Forest where you will get the chance to see place where the Stark’s discovered the Dire Wolf pups. These locations are a must see for any Game of Thrones inspired stag weekend!

Belfast Iron Islands and Stormlands Adventure: This is your groups chance to visit the kingdoms belonging to the Baratheon’s and the Greyjoy’s. You will get to see the location of Castle Black and The Wall, the caves where Millesandre gave birth to the dark spirit, the location where Theon Greyly comes ashore at Pyke and where Gendry escapes Dragonstone in a rowing boat! These are some of the most epic moments in the show and are sure to impress anyone looking for Game of Thrones ideas on a Belfast stag do!



Throughout the UK and Ireland your group can choose archery as a fun stag do activity and fell just like one of the fearless Game of Thrones characters! Anyone having a Liverpool stag do should get to Adventure Cheshire where you can test your aim and see if you have what it takes to be the next Ramsey Bolton (a less evil Ramsey Bolton that is)! For those groups having a stag do in Ireland then get yourselves to Abbeyfield Farm where you can take part in stag do archery and also go horse riding like Jon Snow or any of your favourite Game of Thrones characters!

Rock Climbing


Choose rock climbing as your stag do activity and you will learn the skills and techniques that Jon Snow and Ygritte needed to scale The Wall and also learn how to scale the walls of Winterfell just like young Bran Stark! Adventure West offer a great rock climbing activity that is perfect for anyone having a Game of Thrones inspired Westport stag do. For those groups planning on having a Newcastle stag do, then Endless Adventure North East offer rock climbing that is sure to please any Game of Thrones fans out there!

Game of Thrones Costumes


On the big stag night, get yourselves dressed up in Game of Thrones costumes and you are sure to stand out from the crowd! One great Game of Thrones stag do idea would be to dress as Jon Snow and the rest of the men of the Night’s Watch by getting getting yourselves dressed up in their signature black cloak and armour! Another idea would be to dress as Khal Drogo and his Khalasar. This is a great idea for anyone on a summer stag do as it will get quite cold when you are dressed in the medieval warrior costume! A Game of Thrones stag do theme such as these are sure to impress!

Game of Thrones has taken over everyones TV screens and now it is about to take over stag weekends everywhere. We hope you find inspiration from these Game of Thrones stag do ideas and have an action packed stag do that you won’t forget!

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