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Fuzzy Duck Stag Do Game

Fuzzy Duck Stag Do Game

This real tongue twister of a stag do game will really test your groups concentration and linguistic skills!

All that is required to play Fuzzy Duck is that everyone in the group has a drink at the ready. Get all the lads in a circle and begin the stag do game by everyone saying “Fuzzy Duck” in a clockwise direction around the circle!

The trick of the game is that anyone can change the phrase and direction by saying “Does he?”. the game then goes the opposite way and the phrase is now “Ducky Fuzz”!

The game keeps going and changing direction and phrase overtime “Does he?” is asked. If you mess up this stag do game by saying the wrong phrase or speaking out of turn, you drink!

This stag do game will have your entire group in fits of laughter when some of the group start slurring phrases like “Does he f**k” and “”F**k he does”!

So play Fuzzy Duck as a stag night drinking game for a great laugh on your stag do weekend!


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