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Festive Winter Wedding Ideas

It’s that time of year again, Winter! So Ireland's wedding website weddingdates.ie bring you their creative winter wedding ideas for 2014!
For alot of people, Winter can usually means snuggling up by the fire and trying to get toasty with our loved ones! Besides that, it also can be a great time for celebration, and if you’re planning a wedding, a great time to party. If you’re looking for a little inspiration for this year (or getting ahead for 2015), here are some festive winter wedding ideas…


Winter Events at Your Venue

Find out what winter events your venue might already do at the same time as your wedding. If there’s a Christmas party or festive experience like Montague on the Gardens have, there may be an opportunity to use similar décor. Montague on the Gardens is just one of the Greater London wedding venues that have a fun festive package, but so many receptions will already have some lovely décor that can be crossed over. Ask your venue can you use the décor for your event to add some festive fun to your day.

Hand knitted

Cosy hand knitted ring pillows, cardigans for you and your bridesmaids, or décor accessories are a lovely touch to a winter wedding. Cute and adding a touch of chic to your wedding, this is also a fun little hen party activity!



Hot Drinks

More than likely, winter wedding guests will be more interested in hot warmers that a cool cocktail. Warm your guest’s hands by asking your reception to include hot chocolates and whiskeys on the drinks menu. 

Wedding Wreath

Instead of a typical bouquet, a great alternative for flowers is a wedding wreath. Evergreen plants and wax flowers that are suitable all-year-around are a huge plus and some ribbon adds a lovely touch. Or if you’re not into wreaths, button bouquets are stunning and can be a cute keepsake. 

Wedding Favours

If the forecast is wet and windy (let’s face it, it’s Ireland) then why not give your guests a wedding favour like for wrapping up on the day? Shawls, umbrellas or mittens as they enter the ceremony or drape a scarf over their chair at your reception.



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