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Elvis Stag Do Theme

What You'll Need

  • Elvis black quiff wig
  • Turned up blue jeans
  • White socks
  • Black loafers
  • High collar bright shirt
  • Elvis black quiff wig and sideburns
  • King of Rock Costume
  • Low Heeled Cowboy Boots
  • Shades

Get The Elvis Look

When choosing an Elvis theme for your group, you can choose between two versions, depending on what era you prefer. If your group want to go for a young Elvis look, put on the first list of items to look like you came straight off the music video of jailhouse rock!

Alternatively, if you'd prefer to dress like the iconic King of Rock in all his magnificence, sqeeze yourselves into a full leather of sequined jumpsuit with white low heeled cowboy boots and shades. For added drama, add a signature Elvis cape and a hand held microphone to break into song during the stag night celebrations!

Stag Day Activity

Elvis Presley was a seductive sex god on the dance floor so perhaps your stags would like to see how to pull off the trademark Elvis moves by going to a specialised dance lesson, or why not be man enough to head to the hairdressers and get one of the traditional Elvis hairstyles done to your hair. All you need is a “little less conversation, a little more action"!


No one could pull of the Elvis style better than the king of rock and roll himself so why don’t your stags get in a few Elvis movies and see Elvis work his stuff! Movies like Jailhouse Rock and Cry Baby will give your stag’s plenty of inspiration before they dress up. It will be a fantastic night for all your stags to enjoy!

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