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Dress Up Hen Party Dares

Dress Up Hen Party Dares

How about accessorising to ensure fun times are had on your hen? While you jump between bars and clubs, complete this checklist of hilarious accessories that you should be able to pick up no matter where you go!

  1. Make an accessory or something to wear out of something from every pub (e.g. beer mat bangle, cocktail stick broach, toilet roll ribbon etc.).
  2. Wear your clothes inside out
  3. Swap shoes with a man
  4. Swap clothes with a friend
  5. Make a bridal veil from toilet paper and wear it
  6. Get a man to let you put lipstick on him. Or a whole face of makeup
  7. Remove your bra without taking your top off
  8. Wear your bra over your top

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