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Dress The Bride Hen Party Game

Why Play?

Have you ever done fancy dress before? Of course you have! Dress the Bride Hen Party Game is designed for the sole-purpose of embarrassing the bride-to-be! The aim of the game is to find a piece of hilarious bridal wear that will make your friends laugh! Get your thinking caps on girls!

What You’ll Need

  • All members of the party must bring one fancy dress item with them for the bride-to-be to wear (This can be anything from hideous clothing to funky wigs!).

How to Play
  • A fun feature of the game is for the bride to guess which fancy dress item has been brought by which hen. You’d be surprised at who points the finger at who!
  • Once the bride has been fully dressed, she can then decide which hen is worthy of receiving a special prize for bringing the best fancy dress item!

Top Tips

  • You can base your fancy dress around a hen party theme or budget!
  • An example of a popular theme is ‘bride gone wrong’ in which the maid of honour decides what is worthy enough to be placed upon the bride.
  • To make things more interesting split your hen party into groups and compete to determine the best fancy dressed bride!
  • Take plenty of photos—they will prove to be of great use in the coming months!

Try ‘Dress the Bride Hen Party Game’ and get creative! Use your ingenuity to find the funniest prop that will look hilarious on the bride-to-be!

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