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Don't Say A Word Stag Do Game

Don't Say A Word Stag Party Game

All your stag party lads need to play ‘Don’t say a word’ is a pen, paper and a good recollection to protect yourself or to catch out one of your fellow stags and make them gulp a drink!

How To Play

Firstly, pick a stag to write out a list of words that are likely to be frequently mentioned on the stag night; words like the groom-to-be’s name, the bride to be’s name, ‘wedding’, ‘stripper’, ‘pint’ etc. The list can be as long or as short as your stag group want. Then either lay out the list for your stag party group to look at and try to remember or make a copy for every stag to carry with them for the night.

The Rules

If any stag is caught saying one of the words then he must be punished! They could be forced to take a shot, down their pint or perhaps a cheeky dare!

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