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Dont Say A Word Hen Party Game

Why Play

'Don't Say A Word' hen party game is a perfect inside joke to take out on the town with your girls! The aim of the game is then for every member of the group to avoid referencing any words that they have been told to not say! This game is incredibly versatile as it can be played anywhere and for however long you wish!

What You’ll Need

  • To watch what you say!

How to Play
  • Firstly what you’ll need to do is pick a list of ‘hen party themed’ words that are very likely to be frequently mentioned on the hen night!
  • The list of these words can be as long or as short as your hen party wish them to be.
  • Brief your hens at the beginning of the night on which words they shouldn’t say—and watch them make mistakes left, right and centre!
  • If someone mentions a word that they shouldn’t have said, they will be subjected to a penalty shot or dare! 

‘Don’t Say a Word’ Words

  • The bride-to-be’s name
  • The groom-to-be’s name
  • Wedding
  • Shots
  • Men
  • Bridesmaid
  • Hen party

Top Tips
  • Can’t think of any dares for your unfortunate girls to do? Consult our Hen Party Dares page for a wealth of dares and forfeits!
  • In case you fins that these words are unlikely to trip up your hens, try out Banned Words Hen Party Game instead!

Try this game with your girls on your night out and watch them get very drunk as they keep saying words you specifically told them not to!

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