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DIY Wine Tasting Hen Parties


If you’re looking for something interesting, fun and sophisticated a wine tasting evening could be perfect for your girls. You don’t need to be a wine buff to enjoy yourself and it could be a great chance to learn more about the types of wine that you wouldn’t usually drink.

Gather the supplies

Ask each of the hens to recommend their favourite wine and buy a bottle. You might want to choose a hen party theme for your evening which could be country of origin, colour of wine, different vintage or different types of wine. Of course you could throw caution to the wind entirely and just buy the wine you fancy tasting.

If you want to learn some top tips to pass on to the other hens, visiting a good off-license could be really helpful. Make sure you choose a range of cheaper and more expensive wines to taste too.

Traditional wine tastings don’t have any nibbles but we think it’s a great opportunity to sample some snacks too. Cheese and crackers with chutney and fresh fruits, or bread with oil and dips are easy options and will always go down with a crowd. A charcuterie platter is also perfect to nibble on and can be picked up from delis or supermarkets.

Don’t forget that you’ll need wine glasses! It’s ok to just re-use the same glass for different wines, so it might also be an idea to buy or make wine glass markers to keep track of who owns which glass.

How to do the tasting

If you’re drinking red wine, open the bottles in advance and let the wine breathe. White wine should be served chilled but not too cold. You could get around 10 glasses of wine from each bottle if you’re careful with your measures.

To taste the wine, give the glass a swirl and have a sniff of the wine. You should take a sip and hold the wine in your mouth, trying to identify key flavours. Make a note of what you think of each wine and the key differences between the types. You should move from the lightest wine to the darkest, as these will have the most intense flavours. It’s ok to actually drink the wine, but if you’re being professionals, you might want to provide a spittoon.

If you want to make it more fun, hide the labels and ask your guests to choose which wines are the more expensive!

Image Credits: Your Invited | MensJournal.com

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