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Disney Princess Hen Party

Planning a hen party? Can’t afford to take your hens to Disney Land? Why not make your bride to be feel like a real princess and throw her a Disney Princess themed hen party.

Every girl watched the classic Disney movies when they were younger and had their favourite princess, my personal favourites were Pocahontas and Jasmin. I had every Disney movie on video and would watch them over and over again. So here is your chance to become your favourite princess for one night.

(Below)Ladies Sexy Snow White Disney Princess Fever Fairy tale Fancy Dress Costume £19.60 available from ebay.co.uk. Leg Avenue 217415 Disney Princesses Jasmine Adult Costume £24.99 available from amazon.co.uk. Sexy Disney Mermaid Princess Costume Adult Halloween £7.99 available from ebay.co.uk.

Disney Princess Make Up

The Disney princess look is all about natural beauty so go easy on the foundation and bronzer and keep it light and fresh. Get that rosy cheek look by applying a light dusting of rose pink blush to the apple of your cheeks. Apply a light pink lipstick or gloss to your lips and finally keep the eye clean and dramatic by applying a set of feathery false lashes. Alternatively if you wish to go a bit more dramatic with your look here are some fantastic colourful eye make up looks tailored to each princess.


Disney Princess Hair Ideas

The Disney movies have given us girls an unrealistic expectation of how our hair should look but with the help of a wig we can finally have the thick glossy Disney hair that we have always wanted. I think they key to a Disney hairstyle wither using your own hair is a wig is to keep it big and bold. A good way to achieve this and add volume to your hair is to back comb. (Below)Snow White wig £6.99 available from joke.co.uk (available in many different colours and lengths).I have also included some links which I found on Pinterest which will give you a step by step guided to creating the perfect princess hairstyle.

Disney Cocktail Ideas

How delicious do these cocktails look? I would drink them all. They could be a fun pre drink before you head out on the town. I have included links below to two sights that will show you how to make 29 different Disney themed cocktails, so you have plenty of choice.

So dust off those old videos or DVDs, depending on what age you are and decide which Disney princess you want to transform into. Let’s just hope that you don’t turn back once the clock strikes midnight.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this week’s blog and that it has inspired you to relive a little bit of your childhood for one enchanting night.

Thanks for reading ladies...
Ciara x


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