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Classy Hen Party Games

We at HenorStag.com are aware of the changing perception of hen parties—which are progressively ditching the ‘tacky’ hen party games in favour of more refined and creative fun! With that said, we now give to you ten classy hen party games for you and your girls to enjoy!

Guess the Kiss

Why Play?

Guess the Kiss hen party game is a thoughtful game that also serves as a fun brainteaser for the bride-to-be! The aim of the game is for all members of the group to write best wishes to the bride-to-be before her wedding, signing them with a kiss! The bride-to-be then has to match the lip imprint to the hen!

What You’ll Need
  • Paper (A4 or A3 depending on the size of your group)
  • Lipstick
How to Play
  • Get together with your group without the bride-to-be being present!
  • Everyone will write their personal message to the bride-to-be ahead of her wedding day, signing the message with a lipstick imprint!
  • Once the sheet is written and kissed, show the page to the bride-to-be
  • She will then have the task of matching the message and lip print to her hens!
Top Tips
  • Spice this game up by adding drinking rules! For every right answer the bride-to-be gets, everyone else in the group will take a drink! However, for every answer she gets wrong, the bride-to-be will take a drink instead!
For an extremely sweet hen party game with your girls, Guess the Kiss is a sure thing!

Locked Lips

Why Play?

Locked Lips hen party game can be played anywhere and anytime! Firstly, you will give each hen a plastic ring to wear throughout the duration of the game. Then, to start the game—you will inform your group that there are a number of words that are prohibited from use for the remainder of the night. If someone at any time slips up and uses one of the banned words, they will lose their ring! This is perfect game for keeping your girls on their toes!

What You’ll Need
  • A plastic ring for each hen
  • To be careful what you say!

How to Play
  • Give each of your hens a ring before starting the game.
  • Reveal to the group the hen party themed words that have been banned for the evening!
  • Throughout the course of the evening, if someone uses one of the banned words, they will have their ring removed and they will be eliminated from the game. (They’ll get to keep the ring as a keepsake of course—we’re not heartless!)
  • At the end of the game, whoever still is wearing their ring is safe from be subjected to a forfeit!
  • However, for those unlucky few who slipped up and lost their ring during the game—they will be made to do a group dare!

Locked Lips Banned Words (Feel free to think of your own! These are only suggestions)
  • Bride
  • Bridesmaid
  • Wedding
  • Hen party
  • Groom-to-be’s name
  • Dress

Top Tips
  • For ideas on group dares, check out our Group Hen Party Dares page!
  • If you would prefer not to punish your girls, you can instead award the winners with a fitting prize, such as a box of chocolates or a bottle of Prosecco!

This classy version of ‘Don’t Say a Word’ prohibits hen party words so that you and your girls can talk about other things for a while!

Great Minds Think Alike

Why Play?

Great Minds Think Alike hen party game is a super fun game where you can find out if you and your friends are perfectly in-sync! The aim of the game is for everyone to be given a general knowledge category, wherein they will quickly write down the first three things that come to mind! after writing them down, everyone will reveal what they wrote. You score more points for every member of the group that gave the same answers as you!

What You’ll Need
  • Paper and pens for all hens
  • General Knowledge category cards
How to Play
  • Appoint a games-master that will oversee the game!
  • They will begin by writing down the categories that will be used in the game on separate cards.
  • The games-master will then then ensure that everyone has paper and pens at the ready!
  • Begin by showing the first category to the group. They then will have to write the first three things that come into their head.
  • After writing down the answers, everyone in the group will reveal their answers.
  • You must match all three answers with someone else to get in the points!
  • The points awarded to players are relative to the number of other members of the group that got the same answers. This means, if you and two others got the same answers, each hen will be awarded three points. If it was four people matches their answers, they will all get four points!
  • The games-master will tally the points during the game. Whomever has the most points after all the categories have been answered will be declared the winner!

Great Minds Category Suggestions
  • Spicy foods
  • Clothing designers
  • Watersports
  • Netflix original series
  • Bird species
  • American States
  • 90s girlbands
  • Car brands
  • Planets in the Solar System
  • Ancient Civilisations
  • African Countries

Top Tips
  • We recommend using 10 categories for this game, but feel free to use as many as you want!
  • The games-master should keep their eyes peeled at all times for any cheating!
  • Award the brainy winner or winners with a justifiable reward! How about as a wager, have everyone put money into a pot (only a quid or so!), and the winner takes home the spoils! 

This general knowledge game not only tests how sharp you are, but also determines if you and your friends are in the same frame of mind!

Prosecco Pong

Why Play?

Prosecco Pong hen party game gives you classy ladies to test your throwing arm! The game is self explanatory, place a number of glasses on Prosecco together on a table. Then, standing from an agreeable distance, you and your hens will throw a ping pong ball into one of the glasses. If you succeed in dropping the ball into one of the glasses—you get to drink the fizzy remains!

What You’ll Need
  • Prosecco
  • Glasses
  • Ping pong ball

How to Play
  • Pour Prosecco into glasses and place them together on a table or flat surface
  • Decide a line where everyone will throw their ping pong ball from.
  • One-by-one, each hen will attempt to throw their ball into one of the glasses
  • If they happen to hit the mark, they get to enjoy the Prosecco inside the glass!

Top Tips
  • This game doesn’t have to be played with alcohol! Add any drink or mineral that your heart desires!
  • If at first everyone hits their target with ease, move the line back to increase the difficulty. Or alternatively, place the glasses on the floor and bounce the ball into the glasses instead! However, the ball can only bounce once before going into the glass or it doesn’t count!

Prosecco Pong gives you and your girls that sorority sisterhood feeling through playing this College classic!

The Champagne Tower

Why Play?

The Champagne Tower hen party game gives you and your girls to pour your champagne like all the fancy hotels do! The aim of the game is to carefully stack champagne glasses into a tower. After doing so, you will then pour the champagne into the top glass which will soon overflow and pour into the other glasses in the tower! The team that completes their tower with the least amount of spillage will be declared the winners!

What You’ll Need
  • Champagne
  • Champagne Glasses (about 20 per team to make four tiers)
  • A basin to catch spillages

How to Play

  • Divide your group into equal teams (you can have as many teams as long as you have enough glasses)
  • Teams will be given 3 minutes to complete the challenge!
  • Basins will be placed in front of the teams, so that the towers can be built inside them to avoid spillages.
  • When the clock starts, the teams will carefully construct a champagne glass tower, making it four tiers high!
  • The trick is to construct your tower in such a way that the excess champagne from the top glass will perfectly trickle down into the other glasses below it!
  • When the time runs out, the teams will one-by-one pour the champagne into the top glass on the tower. The champagne will fill the glass and then flow down onto the other glasses below.
  • After all teams have poured their champagne, the team who has spilled the least will be crowning the Champagne Tower champions!

Top Tips
  • As you’ll need a lot of champagne glasses for this game, buy plastic glasses which are cheaper and can be bought in bulk!
  • Why not punish your losers by making them drink all the champagne from their glasses and basin!

Champagne Tower is a fancy party piece that will also get everyone working together!

Find Your Song

Why Play?

Find Your Song hen party game will put your music knowledge to the test? The aim of the game is to name the song which the given lyric is from!

What You’ll Need
  • Many song lyrics (the obscurity of the lyrics is completely up to you!)
  • Paper and pen for each hen 

How to Play
  • Think of the lyrics you will use for this fun quiz! Choose either to use obscure lyrics from famous songs, or well known lyrics from obscure song names!
  • Upon choosing the lyrics, write them down on cards.
  • Reveal a lyric to the hens. They will then write down the song that they think the lyric comes from.
  • Points will be tallied up at the end to find out who the winner is!

Top Tips
  • Upon choosing whether to opt for obscure lyrics or obscure song names, we recommend the latter! Remember; if you choose to opt for obscure song names, make sure that the lyrics will ring a bell with your girls! watch your girls squirm as they fail to remember the name of that song!
  • Use a decade of music that you all collectively agree upon so that everyone has a chance of getting points!
  • If you wish to have rounds in this quiz, use different music genres or time periods to make them unique to the other rounds!
  • Award your music savvy winner with a fitting prize! perhaps a pair of headphones?

Find Your Song is an incredibly entertaining quiz that will put your musical memory through its paces!

Posh Bingo

Why Play?

Posh Bingo hen party game is not only fun, but it also gives you the chance to win a lot of goodies! The aim of the game is similar to classic Bingo: you have to be first to have all your numbers called in order to win! But with prizes around every door, this is no ordinary game of Bingo!

What You’ll Need
  • Bingo cards
  • Bingo balls
  • Many Prizes!

How to Play
  • Firstly, appoint a caller for the game!
  • Everyone participating will be assigned a bingo card.
  • Participants will mark off their numbers when they are called!
  • When a person marks off all number along a horizontal line, they will inform the caller!
  • Behind each line (horizontal) will be a small prize!
  • The first person to get all their numbers marked off their card will shout ‘full house!’ That person will be declared the winner!

Top Tips
  • The prizes for getting a line can be as silly or sweet as you want. We recommend to keep them small, so that you can save your big prize for the winner of the game!
  • If you don’t have access to Bingo balls—do not fret! Simply type “random number generator” into Google, as Google have a built in random number generator online!

Try Posh Bingo at your hen party game with your girls and win a lot of fun prizes!

Canapé Tasting Game

Why Play?

Canapé Tasting hen party game is a delicious afternoon activity! All participants will be blindfolded and given a number of Canapés to sample! The winner will be the person who is able to identify the most! Taste buds at the ready girls!

What You’ll Need
  • Canapés
  • A blindfold

How to Play
  • Assign a judicator to oversee the game.
  • Assemble the Canapés in a line, away for the eyes of the participants!
  • One-by-one, blindfold participants and take them through the line of different finger foods!
  • Record the answers the participant gives as they make their way through the Canapés.
  • Do the same for each of the contestants, and tally their scores up at the end!
  • Whoever has guessed the most correctly will be crowned Canapé Champion!

Top Tips

  • Make sure there is no peaking or cheating!
  • Crown your Canapé champion with a fitting prize! They might be very full at this point, so award them a bottle of Prosecco or beauty products instead!

Canapé Tasting is an interesting game not only for the taster, but also the judicator who gets to see the contestants bluff their way through these posh nibbles!

How Old Was The Bride

Why Play?

How Old Was the Bride hen party game is a super-sweet activity that will mortify the bride-to-be! Before starting get together a number of childhood photos of the bride-to-be and number them. the aim of the game is for the guest to guess the age of the bride-to-be in every picture—with the guest who gets the most correct being named the victor!

What You’ll Need
  • A number of pictures of the bride-to-be from different stages of her life!
  • A board, A3 card or sheet to stick the pictures to!
  • Paper and Pen for every hen

How to Play
  • The game is very straightforward! Firstly, compile and number the pictures and stick them to a board so that all the girls can see them!
  • Give everyone paper and pens.
  • Every participant will make their way through the pictures, writing down what age they think the bride-to-be was at that time!
  • Whoever guess the most correctly is the winner!

Top Tips
  • Don’t hold back on the embarrassing snaps!
  • Add a current picture of the bride-to-be at the top of the sheet to make her feel old!
  • The pictures will serve as a thoughtful keepsake!

Join the rest of your girls in awe and laughter as you are thoroughly entertained at the bride-to-be’s expense!

Slip it in

Why Play?

We saved the best for last! Don’t worry, this game is as rude as it sounds! Slip it in hen party game is a wonderfully creative activity that can take place over the course of the celebrations! The aim of the game is truly brilliant—each participant will be given a classy phrase that has no place in normal conversation, and throughout the celebrations—will attempt to weave that statement into normal conversation!

What You’ll Need
  • A number of classy statements
  • A good reason to pass it off as ordinary conversation!

How to Play
  • Before playing the game, write down a classy statement that you will attempt to slip in to ordinary conversation. Fold the paper so that no one else can see!
  • Collect all the folder paper and put it a secure location. Then the game will begin.
  • Everyone will then attempt to use their classy statement whilst enjoy ing the celebration with their girls! You can slip your statement in at any time during the course of the day!
  • Once everyone has had a go at saying their classy statement, the folded papers can be revealed to see who was successful and who was caught out!
  • There is no formal winner declared, as this game is so hilarious that everyone wins regardless!

Classy Statements to use (these are purely suggestions! use your own if you can think of better ones!)
  • In Norfolk, we besport ourselves around the Maypole!
  • Do be a darling and hand me a napkin
  • Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!
  • I find Croquet to be a grossly underrated sport
  • It’s all for the children at the end of the day isn’t it?
  • I just want to take this opportunity to say that everyone looks simply radiant this evening!
  • The weather is just foul
  • Nothing beats tea in a china cup!
  • I find Beethoven’s 8th symphony in F major to be his most inspiring work.
  • The thing about life and art is that it is constantly in flux!

Top Tips
  • Feel free to temper the difficulty of the classy statements to suit your group! If you would rather the statements fly under the radar, use shorter and less outlandish statements that won’t cause suspicion.

Try ‘Slip it in’ as an inside joke during your afternoon tea and watch as your girls trip over themselves trying to explain why they are suddenly so profound!

So there you have it, that’s our list! Try some of these creative and hilarious games at your hen party so an evening that can both be tremendous fun whilst also remaining refined. Stay classy San Diego!

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