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Celebrity Chug Stag Do Game

Celebrity Chug Stag Party Game

All your stag party lads need to play Celebrity Chug is sharp wits, quick thinking and plenty of drink!

How To Play

Sit your stags around a table and get the first stag to say a famous celebrity name, Jack Nicholson for example. The stag to his right must think of another celebrity name whose first name starts with the same letter as the last name of the previous celebrity. For example, the next stag could say Nicholas Cage because Nicholas begins with an N and so does Nicholson.

The Rules

The stag who’s thinking of a celebrity name must keep drinking while he’s racking his brain. If they shout out a name that has already been said or they are suspected of making up a name then they must be penalised by taking a shot. Or if you finish your drink while you’re still thinking then you’re given a pass and the next stag must try to think of a name.

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