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Candyman Stag Do Game

Candyman Stag Night Game

Not many stags will be able to play games involving drinking penalty shots all night, so here's one without the shots but still mega fun! This stag do game is a laugh and great fun, and involves all the lads in the party.

How To Play

Head to the sweetie store and pick up a candy necklace for every stag in the group. Each stag is then given their own candy necklace to wear. The aim is to hit the town and have every piece of the necklace eaten off by random women.

The Rules

1) The woman eating the necklace must put her hands behind her back (yes lads that means hands off, well for now at least)!

2) Only one piece of candy per girl (one candy piece per girl = more girls)

So lads get the candy necklaces on and hit the town for a stag night to be remembered. You are all sure to make a lasting impression on your chosen venues. Single stags will of course have good reason to celebrate with this stag party winner as they also attempt to earn a cheeky kiss or four!

Who thought a candy necklace could be so much fun? Thanks to our fellow bachelors in the USA for coming up with this easy but fun stag party game.

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