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The Lockey

35 The Triangle,



  • Two Thrilling Escape Rooms
  • "Anderson's Testimony" & "Lector's Gluttony”
  • Solve Puzzles, Codes and Riddles to Escape
  • Get on the Wall Of Fame
  • Fantastic Team Building Exercise
  • From Only £15pp
Gather your ladies and head to The Lockey in Bournemouth, a live escape room activity which ensures an exhilarating experience for all involved! With two thrilling escape rooms to choose from, the ladies will solve riddles and puzzles in order to escape under a set time! The activity will begin as the hens immerse in their very own live movie where the group are super heroes of the scene and the outcomes depends entirely on your efforts! You and your group will need a range of assets in order to overcome the challenge including teamwork, logical thinking and common sense! Do you have what it takes?

Each room has a capacity of 6 players per game so a team of 12 will be divided into two groups! For larger groups, back to back games can also be arranged!

Andersons Testimony

For a hen party activity that will really test your knowledge, be sure to try out “Anderson’s Testimony” as you solve clues and riddles to help clear your name for a crime you did not commit!

In this activity, the ladies will be transported back in time to 1962. It is 11.25PM and Anderson is contemplating on the case he and his team has worked incredibly hard on for almost 12 months. After all his hard work and venture, there he was at the bottom of the sea surrounding by hungry sharks and he finally realised that he has in fact dug up his own grave! Everyone else working on the case were already imprisoned and he was of course to follow! After he had hidden the main evident, the SAS captured him and got him in chains.

The very next morning, you were summoned for questioning and with nothing to confess, it came to you that those conniving double-crossers were totally wasting time! This made you extremely angry as you told them to go to hell and get an arrest warrant! Its takes 60 minutes for them to get an arrest warrant so they left you handcuffed in the office and off they went!

Locked inside your own office, your job now is to crack the codes and solve the riddles to near your time! With each clue your time will be deducted by 5 minutes and each hint will be 1 minute! Think you have what it takes?

Lecter's Gluttony

For an escape room that will require all the ladies to bring their thinking hats, be sure to try out “Lecter’s Gluttony” at The Lockey! Lecter is a notorious serial killer and cannibal making this experience all the more terrifying!

Professor Lecter had finally been awarded for his works and given a Nobel Prize “For discoveries concerning organ and cell transplantation” As it was one of his proudest moments to date, Professor Lecter recited his speech before attending the Banquet that followed! A group of young students hounded him with questions and queries about the technicalities of organ transplantation and the body’s rejection of alien tissue! Lecter simply replied that he would solve the argument during dinner at his place but told them to keep it a secret as he didn't want any attention from other students! Excited at the thought of this, the students agreed and followed Lecter to his flat and even tried out the bizarre looking food! Halfway through the argument, all the student passed out one by one!

You wake up in Lecter’s dungeon and come to the realisation that the whole thing was a set up and that you must escape, and fast! On the wall opposite you states ‘Left for the after-party, back in 80 minutes, can’t wait to show you live organ transplantation!’

Do you have what it takes to outthink the Nobel Prize winner, solve his puzzles and escape this horrendous ordeal? You will be deducted 5 minutes for each clue and 1 minute for each hint! Goodluck!


The Lockey is based in the wonderful seaside resort of Bournemouth which is of course a real hot spots for any hen and stag party! With miles upon miles of glorious golden beaches, nightclubs, restaurants and hotels, a hen weekend at the resort will definitely not disappoint! The Lockey escape rooms are situated at The Triangle which is only a short walk from the town centre!

Terms and Conditions

- Must quote 'HenorStag.com'
- Subject to Availability 
- Minimum of 6 players

Average Rating: 5 out of 5 - based on 2 reviews

  • Rosie

    By Rosie on Tuesday 07 February 2017

    The best escape room I've done by far. Three of us took on Case 47 and all thought it was really good fun and cleverly put together. Would definitely recommend.

  • Lexi

    By Lexi on Thursday 30 March 2017

    It was the best way to spend an hour! I can't believe how interactive and fun it was. We did Case 47 and from the moment you are in the room.. you are in full on immersion and brain whirring.