Carlton Towers

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Carlton Towers

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  • 4x4 Off Road Driving
  • Clay Pigeon Shooting
  • Amazing Dining Options
  • Wine & Tapas Evening
  • Luxury Accommodation
Carlton Towers is a luxury estate that stands out amongst the trees in rural Yorkshire, combining history with action-packed adventures.

Your stay at Carlton Towers will be stacked with a range of stimulating activities, beginning with a morning of Clay Pigeon Shooting under the supervision of an experienced instructor, before hitting the dirt roads in the afternoon with a half-day of off-road 4x4 driving!

As well as exciting activities, there are also amazing dining options provided by the expert chef from Cooks—the estate’s in house school of cookery. What’s more, the staff onsite at Carlton Towers are personal, warm and friendly—so rest assured that the the customer service provided on your stag weekend will be top drawer.

You and your mates will experience a truly unique stag do as you stay in luxury guest rooms that are closed off exclusively for the use of your stags—letting you live like Lords. That’s not all, as the towers are located close to great local Yorkshire nightlife in the nearby town of Snaith. With all this and more, Carlton Towers makes for a brilliant stag do!


There is a wide array of stag do activities available at Carlton towers, ranging from testosterone fuelling excursions and sports, to refined and specialised gastronomical endeavours.

For an activity that is adrenaline pumping, few can compete with some off-road driving in 4x4’s! This exciting activity involves setting out into the Yorkshire Countryside in rugged 4x4’s, cutting through muddy terrain across the 250-acre estate at Carlton Towers.

Whilst few can match driving 4x4’s in terms of shear manliness, one such activity that can is Clay Pigeon Shooting. This olympic sport entails shooting clay discs as they are shot into the sky. You must shoot them before they hit the ground, meaning that you must muster your full concentration in order to hit the mark. Regardless of proficiency in shooting, you couldn’t be in better hands at Carlton towers, as an expert instructor will be on-site to ensure a safe environment.

Alternatively, for a day of gastronomics—you and your mates can enjoy a Half Day Baking Experience at Cooks. The in-house school of cookery is home to many cooking experts—such as butchers, chefs, bakers and chocolatiers! These experts will take you through a cooking masterclass in the field of cooking that interests your group most! So whether you’d like to learn more on how to prepare and cook meats, seafood, bread or chocolate—there’s no better place to learn than at Cooks!

Dining Options

Every meal at Carlton Towers is prepared in “the kitchen”. The kitchen is located in the refurbished servant’s package, where extravagant feasts have been prepared for centuries.

For a Cellar Dinner Experience on your stag, you can dine in the Duchesses Dining room with a selection of beers and wines. This historic dining room is an apt setting for a dining experience fir for a king! Depending on your preference, you can enjoy a buffet-style meal or a more formal dinner at a grand table that can seat 20 people. That’s not even the best part—as you can specify which menu you would like the chefs to cook from—making a personalised dinner that Lords would envy!

After redefining the term “full”, you can then relax in “the housekeeper’s sitting room”. This English country house is the perfect setting for evening drinks beside a roasting fire. Alternatively, the “Beaumont Room” is a bar area, which is another amazing room that is fitting of even the most luxury stags.

Wine & Tapas Evening

This delicious and delightful evening will both entertain and educate! Spending your evening at Carlton Towers dedicated school of cookery, a wine expert from Cooks will walk you through the exquisitely preserved original kitchen—creamery, butler’s pantry and game larder. All the while, you and the will stroll through these historic rooms with impeccable wine, before you retire to one of the manor’s many dining rooms where you will await your meal.

The delicious tapas will then arrive, perfectly accented by the wine that is served alongside it. Your taste buds will be dancing as you are run through a gauntlet of delicious dishes which are made specifically for the wines, beers and Perry that are provided!

Shortly after settling, the chefs will prepare a main dish in the large kitchen, giving you and the lads a tutorial on how they make it simultaneously! Afterwards, you can enjoy your meal in either the Duchesses Dining room or the House Keeper’s Sitting Room, with a few drinks to mark the occasion in style.

Cooking Classes

Cooking classes are a big plus to Carlton Towers, as you can take a cooking masterclass with one of Cooks experts. Whether you are a cooking novice or a demon in the kitchen, you will have the opportunity to have great fun messing around in the kitchen and learning something you didn’t know before.

The kitchens at Cooks are both historic and hi-tech, offering endless classes on a wide range of dishes. For those of savoury tastes, you can learn how to prepare and cook seafood, as well as learning how to correctly use spices—stocking up with tips to impress the ladies at later dinner dates!

Alternatively, for those with a sweet-tooth, you can learn how to make chocolate, fresh-baked bread or exquisite iced cake from one of Carlton Tower’s expert bakers and chocolatiers!


Why not add to your stag do at the Carlton by staying for the weekend?

An escape to Carlton Towers in the heart of the Yorkshire countryside will prove to be a one-stop stag do destination, as this amazing country estate boasts 16 luxury bedrooms which accommodate a stag party of up to 31 people.

These lavish rooms will give you well needed respite from the excitement of the adrenaline-fuelled stag activities. Relax in luxury on your stag for a weekend few men can claim to have had the pleasure of experiencing!