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  • Samba Hen Party

    Turn your hens into a vibrant Samba drumming group with this fun and musical hen party activity available anywhere in the UK!

    £ 25 PP

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  • Junk Percussion Hen Party

    This unique hen party activity will have all your ladies create catchy musical sounds like never before!

    £ 25 PP

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  • Fun Filled Interactive Experience
  • Become a Samba Drumming Hen
  • Learn The Drumming Style From Rio De Janeiro
  • Using Authentic Brazilian Instruments
  • Experienced Samba Tutor
  • Junk Percussion Session
Learn one of the most dynamic drumming styles in the world all the way from the favelas of Rio De Janeiro on your hen party in the United Kingdom!
Your experienced Samba Tutor will take you on a journey of passion and rhythm climaxing in a furor of sounds and beats. 

Try the junk percussion session and you will be amazed as you make remarkable music from inanimate object such as dustbins, car wheels and drain pipes!

Samba Drumming

Using authentic Brazilian instruments including the Surdo (large bass drum), Ago-go Bell and Snare Drum, and more your group of hens will experience some of the excitement, energy and rhythms associated with Brazilian street drumming!

After only 45mins you ladies will be playing a coherent Samba piece complete with musical calls and breaks!

Junk Percussion

You’ve seen STOMP now you can bash some bins too! The ability to create exciting music from inanimate objects!

Dustbins, car wheels, drain pipes, scrap metal…………. an industry of sound, a remarkable session creating a huge array of sounds and rhythms that will leave the participant animated, amazed at their achievement and optimistic about life.

The Junk Ensemble is an amazing journey with inanimate objects constructing new boundaries in music making.

No cost is spared in this recycling excursion; all manner of implements can be used to make tuneful and engaging music.

Drainpipes: with u-bends make for an interesting resonance played with foam bats
Car Wheels: a wheely good metal sound thrashed out on old car wheels, minus the rubber!
Metal bins: the funky bin, with broom handles and energy, it’s not a rubbish sound but a clatter of metal providing the driving hum for the whole group.
And loads more!

Experienced Tutor

Adrian Wiggins is the guy who will teach your hen party this brilliant Samba experience and Junk Percussion session! With over 18 years’ experience specialising in unique entertainment and team building, we can guarantee a memorable time for everyone involved. 


Your hen party can join in the fun with Beats On The Day from any location within the UK! Whether you are having a Scotland hen party, Wales hen party or England hen party, you girls can still book this energetic hen party activity!

Beats On The Day can provide the entertainment at your desired venue or they can source a venue for you to have all this fun at!

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  • Vanessa Martin

    By Vanessa Martin on Saturday 24 February 2018

    Fantastic fun!!