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Burlesque Hen Party Theme

Burlesque Hen Party Ideas

The Burlesque look is all about celebrating real women with real bodies, so all of your hens have no need to worry because fake tan and plastic fantastic simply does not fit in with the Burlesque hen party idea.

Burlesque developed from cabaret theatre a theme that suits any hen who is looking for that contemporary hen party idea or vintage hen party theme.

The magical thing about the Burlesque hen party theme is that is can be easily achieved with quite a number of items that your hens will already have lying around at home. Plus the bonus with that is that almost every one of your hens will be completely unique!

Starting from the bottom up for the Burlesque hen party theme we think that it is a necessity for your hens to wear a classic pair of heels, the colour does not matter, though the more chic the better. Stockings are another absolute must for your hens. Your cheeky hens can decide to go all out with suspenders, although it really is entirely up to your hen party, if you can find vintage silk stockings these would be perfect.

Please ensure your hens remember that the Burlesque hen party theme is all about celebrating the figure of a woman no matter what shape or size. Ideally for Burlesque it would be amazing for your hens to wear a corset of their choice to empahsise this figure, though please remind your hens for full effect to wear this and only this. For those hens who don't wish to be too revealing then why not wear a silky night dress which can be equally effective and contemporary.

Finish and perfect the Burlesque hen party theme with some delightful hen party accessories. Extra long lacy gloves to your elbow would be amazing, maybe even a frilly umbrella to carry around.

We recommend vintage hair styles for this unique hen party idea, please remember though to be creative as you can and for full effect have every single hen with a different style. Have fun being incredible and the ultimate glamourous hen party!

Burlesque Hen Party Activity

Activities for your Burlesque hen party theme can be as risqué as your ladies wish. Given the wonderful attire in which your burlesque hen party shall be dressed your hens will obviously not be crazy enough to participate in outdoor activities. Seeing as your hens are celebrating the beauty of women then why not get involved in some hen party pole dancing classes which would be the perfect way to spend the day and produce superb hen party photographs.

We would also highly recommend hen party cocktail classes in a classy venue where your hens can drink their cocktails in all of their glory in sumptuous surroundings.

Given the preparation involved for the Burlesque hen party theme then why not have all of your hens spend the afternoon in a beauty parlour sipping champagne, having spa treatments and their vintage hen party hair styles done!

Celebrity Burlesque

The Burlesque hen party theme has seen some incredible women pull it off throughout the years, so there is plenty of stimulation and ideas out there for your ladies.

No less than Kelly Brook, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and Lady Gaga have all looked incredible in their Burlesque, with each of them adopting entirely different style. 

If you wish your Burlesque hen party to mix the vintage with the new then why not see how Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, Mya and Pink pulled it off in their Burlesque party video Lady Marmalade!


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