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Bullshit Stag Do Game

Bullshit Stag Party Game

The aim of Bullshit is for each stag do player to try to be the first to get rid of all his cards, but be warned; this game can be won by honesty, or bullshitting, or both so knowing when to be virtuous or sly is the key to winning the game!

How To Play

Get your stag party lads to sit around a table in a circle and deal out the full deck evenly to each stag. The aim of the game is to be the first to get rid of your cards. The stag who’s first to lay down their cards facedown calls out something like ‘Two Jacks’; he might be telling the truth, a half truth or a complete lie. If a fellow stag decides the first stag is lying he says ‘Bullshit’. The cards are turned over and if the accuser is right he must take his cards back. If the accuser is wrong and the first stag was telling the truth, then he must pick up the cards. Whoever is guilty must be punished; this could be something like downing the rest of a drink, doing a shot or writing down a dare that the stag must do during or after the game.

The Rules

Later in the game when the cards that the stags are getting rid of are stacking up, this is the pile the bull-shitter or the accuser who falsely accused a fellow stag must pick up and try to get rid of all over again. The game begins with Aces and goes down through the deck and back to Aces again if the game is still going. This hilarious game will continue until a lucky stag gets rid of all his cards. The ultimate loser can be determined by continuing play until the last two players battle it out for the title of Biggest Bull-shitter!

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