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Best Man Speech Top Tips


If you are reading this, the chances are you have been chosen as the right hand man to your best friend or relative. With this great honour comes the quite nerve wracking prospect of having to write and deliver a best man speech on the big day. Even the best and most experienced public speakers can find this a daunting task with so many close friends and relatives in the crowd spectating. However, at HenorStag.com we have come up with some Best Man Speech Top Tips that we hope will give you inspiration and help you deliver a killer speech on the wedding day!

Preparation is Key


The perfect best man speech takes time and in the run up to the big day there is going to be a lot of other things such as suit fittings that are going to take time so planning months in advance in essential.


There are a lot of areas to cover in the best man speech and here we point out the key content that every best man speech should include:

Ice Breaking Opening Line: Start the speech with a killer joke or one liner that will get the audience laughing and help you relax for the rest of the best man speech.
Thank You’s: Be sure to offer thanks to previous speakers and anyone who has helped to make the special day a success.
Congratulations: Of course you have to congratulate the newly wed’s on their special day.
Tease the Groom: Reminisce on great times with the groom (within reason), make a few jokes at his expense and tell some funny stories.
Compliment the Bride: Tell her how beautiful she looks and how she has made your mate a very lucky guy!
Famous Quotes/Jokes: Add in some inspirational quotes or funny and appropriate jokes.
Propose a Toast: Toast the happy newly weds towards the very end of the speech.

Write Content Down

Even the most confident of public speakers can get a little bit of stage fright and that can cause you to freeze and forget what to say. By writing down your speech on a note pad, you have a safety net to help you from forgetting key points. You will also feel more confident throughout by knowing that you have the speech in front of you should you feel nervous.

Tone of Voice


It is very important that you speak clearly throughout your best man speech so that everyone understands what you are saying. There could be nothing worse than the best man cracking a joke but getting little reaction from the crowd because what he said was not understood. It is also important to change your tone of voice throughout otherwise you may sound boring.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

One of the most important best man speech tips we can give you is to practice the speech over and over so that you are confident when the time comes on the big day! We recommend that you practice the speech out aloud to someone that you can trust to give you critical feedback. Another option is to video yourself doing the best man speech and send it to someone for honest feedback.

What to Avoid


It is important to remember that it is not only yourself, the groom and the lads on the stag who will be attending the wedding and therefore there are a number of things that is best to avoid during the best man speech. Here we reveal some of the main mistakes that can be made:

Remember Who’s Big Day it is: Try not to milk the best man speech and remember that you are not the main attraction. Keep it to no longer than 7 minutes or you may lose your audience.
Ex’s: Avoid making the crowd and the newly wed’s feeling awkward by mentioning previous relationships.
Joke, but don’t go too far: Have a joke at the groom’s expense but don’t take it too far by bringing up personal stuff that may embarrass him.
Some stories should stay private: Keep explicit or inappropriate stories between yourselves. Some of the older crowd may not appreciate them.
Foul Language: Try to avoid swearing as there will be kids and older relatives in the crowd.

So there you have it, our best man speech top tips that should help you when the time comes to get up in front of an expecting audience on your best mates wedding day! Good luck!

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