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Bear Grylls Stag Do Ideas


Are you guys searching for an ultimate stag do idea that will thrill everyone in the group and test you to the limit? We call these Bear Grylls stag do ideas! Bear Grylls is widely renowned for his TV series Man vs Wild and Born Survivor where he takes himself into the wild and uses extreme techniques to survive off the land! Here we reveal some of the most thrilling activities that will test you to the limit (well almost) and are widely available throughout the UK and Ireland:

Bush Craft


Bush craft is one of the most challenging yet rewarding stag do activities that you could possibly choose! For anyone thinking of planning a stag do in County Fermanagh or County Donegal in Ireland then you will be in for a true adventure at the highly popular Free Range Adventures. In woodlands near this unique venue surrounded by spectacular lakeland scenery you lads can try your hand at a range of survival challenges including for example fire starting, log walking, crate stacking and shelter construction! Bush craft is a relatively new stag do activity and is a great way to get to know one another as you learn a new skill or two!



Why not test out your navigational skills and get competitive by choosing orienteering as your stag do activity? Orienteering consists of groups or individuals having to navigate their way between control points on an orienteering map. Being men you will no doubt want to make things a little competitive as you make your way through very unfamiliar terrain to reach the end location on the map the quickest wins! Who says you can’t add a forfeit or two for those that are last?

Rock Climbing


Perhaps you may decided to try something very different for the stag do activity with a afternoon of rock climbing? This activity is the perfect chance to test your nerve on some daunting cliffs or indoor climbing walls! For anyone having a Westport stag do be sure to check out Adventure West where you will be tested to climb a 100ft sea cliff! This stag do activity is not for the feint hearted but is sure to be a memorable experience to look back on proudly!

White Water Rafting


Take your group out on the wild waters and see how you get on trying to survive the waves and drops! Endless Adventure in the North East offer this popular activity for anyone thinking of having a Newcastle stag do. Play caution however as you experience the thrills and spills that come with battling rough water on an inflatable raft! Expect lots of laughter and little to no chance of staying dry!



Why not bring out the inner caveman in you and your mates as you climb through natural caves full of wonder and mystery? This is a fantastic stag do activity that will surely be a memorable experience for your entire group! Just be sure that no one in the group is afraid of either water or the dark as it’s likely that you will come across a pot hole or two!



Any of you lads looking for a relaxing stag weekend in the outdoors will enjoy a fishing trip out on the lough or by the river bank! Or you can take things up a notch by having a deep sea fishing stag do and have a competition to see who can make the biggest catch or capture the most fish! Fishing will make you feel like you’ve chosen the ultimate Bear Grylls stag do idea as you catch your own lunch!



For a fantastic adventure down the coastline, book a coasteering stag do where your group will get to explore a rocky coastline by climbing, jumping and and swimming in the water. This physical stag do activity is great for adrenaline junkies and water lovers!

Bog Run


Get competitive and dirty on your stag weekend and take part in a bog run where all you lads will battle it out through muddy obstacles in the great outdoors! Crawl through muddy terrains, snorkel under murky bog water and much more during your bog run stag do activity that will get the heart racing and craic going before the all important stag night! Delphi Resort offer a thrilling Bog Obstacle Course that is perfect for anyone having a Galway stag weekend!

Off Road Driving


Test you skills behind the wheel with this bumpy and thrilling activity! You lads will get the chance to drive trucks through muddy terrains, dense forests and over hillsides. Any petrol heads in your group will love this outdoor experience that is like no other!



If your group is searching for a chilled out stag do idea then a canoeing session could be the perfect activity. Paddle your way across beautiful lakes or rivers and take in all the scenery along the banks! As you paddle you are sure to build up a thirst and hunger for the stag night celebrations ahead!

There you have it lads, some of the best Bear Grylls stag do ideas that are sure to thrill your group and teach each you a thing or two for surviving the great outdoors!

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