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Bavarian Stag Do Theme

What You'll Need

  • Lederhosen Styled Shorts and Hat
  • Braces
  • White Shirt
  • White Long Socks

Get The Bavarian Look

Book your flights to Berlin for Oktoberfest with the party boy Bavarian Stag Do Theme! For this look, you'll need a Lederhosen styled shorts and hat in order to fit in with the locals during the festivities! As well as this, a white shirt and long socks is essential, alongside braces in order to complete the costume. It's not just Oktoberfest that this costume is grest for however, as the Bavarian stag do theme is perfect for any party!

Stag Day Activity

A pub crawl is the go-to activity for the Bavarian stag do theme, as you'll attract the party wherever you go! If you want to go all out, then booking a stag weekend to Berlin during the German festival of Oktoberfest is the perfect use of this costume. Everyone will be dressed in similar garb, so you'll fit right in. That being said, wearing these out in a stag do in the UK will be a great way to turn heads! 


A quick Youtube search of Oktoberfest will give you all the inspiration for this look that you'll need, with the autumn festival celebrating Bavarian heritage in these iconic threads. So complete the look with a tankard of German beer and have a jolly stag weekend!


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