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This Hen Party in Carlingford Lets You Take A Drive In An Aston Martin


As many hens from years gone by will attest, there’s no hen party like a Carlingford Hen Party, and with offers like these—we can see why! Taaffes Castle in Carlingford are offering hens that are so inclined to get into a brand-spanking new Aston Martin—and not just any Aston Martin by the way, but the DB9 GT Bond Edition—the only of it’s kind in Ireland! Here's a video of the DB9 in action—a taste of what you can expect on your hen night.

For the Petrolheads…

Now I’m sure that some of the more motoring savvy readers will be wanting to know—What’s the top speed? What engine has it got? What’s the 0-60? Well hold your horses (all 540 of them) for I’ll tell you.

The DB9’s specs are something to behold, as this marvel of British Engineering boasts a monstrous 6.0-litre V12 engine—all packed with enough fuel and fire to make for some staggering statistics when tested on the track. With a whopping 540 brake horsepower, and a top speed of 183 mph, not to mention travelling from 0-60mph in just 4.4 seconds—the DB9 is a bonafide demon on the road!

This demon of an engine is be kept dormant by the luxurious bodywork synonymous with Aston Martins, wrapping the hellish underbelly of the DB9 in sophistication and civility. The sleek aerodynamic design and metallic silver finish make the DB9 one of the most aesthetically pleasing cars in the world today. It stands to reason why Bond chooses to drive this car, as its charismatic presence, coupled with heartstopping power—make it a motoring marvel!

Where will you be driven?

You will be given an hour long chauffeur driven journey, taking you on an excursion around Carlingford and Dundalk Bay. Taking in amazing coastal views and catching glances from passers by as you rush past these towns, you will given a complete experience of what it is like to own an Aston Martin.

The driver will travel as different paces to bring to light the different aspects of the car that are worth appreciating. The DB9 is incredibly sophisticated, with educated brakes and suspension working in tandem to make your drive as sooth as silk over the black top.

Where is Carlingford?


Carlingford is a coastal town in County Louth, located close to the border between the North and South of Ireland. The town is packed with history, as this port town was historically utilised for trading between England and Scotland. The trading from the 13th until the 17th century inspired the mercantile class to build in the town, evidenced by the remains of the Mint, as well as the historic location on which you will find this fantastic hen party offer—Taaffe’s Castle. The medieval castle looms over the street-side pub known as Taaffes castle, Carlingford’s number 1 Hen and Stag destination.

Top Tips

Mark the occasion in style with the girl gang gathered around the DB9, as great selfie opportunities await the lucky group that opts for this activity during the hen night. You can pose and feel like Bond girls for one night only, leaving your social media onlookers dead jealous. Indulging on your hen night with this once in a lifetime experience will make you feel like a million dollars as you receive the ROYALE TREATMENT!

The Offer


This offer from Taaffe’s Castle is €20pp based on a group of 10 hens—a small price to pay in order to make the bride-to-be’s hen night one she will never forget!
Make an Enquiry with Taaffe's Castle today to avail of this amazing offer!

Image Credits: Carlingfordhenandstag | Tourism NI


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