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Arabian Nights Hen Party Theme

This week Ciara has come up with an Arabian Nights theme. She has provided ideas on decorations, costumes, make up and food. This is a magical, glamorous and unique theme, so check it out. 

Arabian Nights. Moroccan chic. 1001 Nights. Whatever you want to call it, it's one HOT theme for a wedding, engagement party, bridal shower, birthday, or hen party.

Arabian Nights Decorations

Here are some beautiful Mid-Eastern inspired decorations that are simple to make and easy to find. They key to pulling of this theme is make to make it extravagant and colorful. Use jewel tones such as deep purple, pink, orange and gold to achieve an opulent look for your party. Candle light is any easy way to create a romantic atmosphere and can be inexpensive and easy to create. Use tea lights, pillar candles, floating candles in water or jar candles. You will probably have a lot of props you can use in your own home or that can be found in your local pound store.

Arabian Nights Costume

Bring out your inner Arabian beauty with one of these beautiful costumes. There are so many to choose from and here are just a few.

(Below) Arabian Beauty Costume – Jasmine £39.99 available from escapade.co.uk. Women Dance Wear Chiffon With Coins Performance Belly Dance Skirt £9.89 available from lightinthebox.com. Sexy belly dancer Arabian night princess costume £18.99 available from ebay.co.uk.


Arabian Nights Make Up

Stun with a gorgeous Arabic inspired eye look! The focus of this look should definitely be on your eyes. Apply a few different eyeshadow colours or shades to give the look some depth. Add false lashes and plenty of liquid liner to really make your eyes pop. I have provided some links to some fantastic tutorials on Arabic make up looks





Hen Party Idea

This will be a magical and majestic night that your hens will never forget. Go all out on decorations. Use lots of colour, throw cushions on the floor for you guests to sit on and even have your own magic carpet. Serve some Baba Ghanouzh, pitta breads and sesame dip along with some colourful cocktails and your night is sure to be a success.

Thanks for reading ladies.
Have a great weekend!
Ciara x


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